Pokemon Sun & Moon Hype Check

  • The new bug/electric Vikvolt is going to be a great counter-balance to my Litten. That is of course until Tapu Koko wants to join my team.

    Also, can I just say that Gen VII is being the best so far. To me the Pokemon actually look like Pokemon, rather than something too anthropomorphic or too realistic. Not that previous titles had bad Pokemon, but these are especially satisfying.

  • @RyanBates said in Pokemon Sun & Moon Hype Check:

    I am a sucker and will probably buy them, but man I am antihyped for Sun and Moon after playing X and Y. I don't care about the quality of life upgrades they make if they continue to remove the things that made me love Pokemon in the first place. The story of X and Y sucked, the placement of Pokemon was thoughtless, the characters were obnoxious, and the hand holding was out of control. I don't have any confidence that Sun and Moon will be good.

    Rowlet is very cute and makes me feel happy.

    Your concern is very understandable. I have high hopes for Sun and Moon because it's been developed after two sets of games on the 3DS. I think it's safe to say the dev time of all the 3D models, and working on a new system really took up more time than they wanted. I don't dislike X and Y, but outside of the 3D models, everything else fell flat compared to previous games. Comparing the good characters and story of gen 5 to gen 6, it's no contest, for example.

    The extra year of time to make it will help as well. They took that extra year to make sure this will be the best game it can be. That is my hope.

  • Electric Bug evolution looked badass

  • I want to be hyped, because I kind of feel like it's time for me to really get into another Pokemon after only playing through the main story of Black/White and not even finishing X/Y. But I kind of don't like the creature design too much. They all look too cutesy in a messy, over-drawn way. I liked the more simple early designs from the first couple of gens.

  • What's with all the X/Y hate? I loooove X/Y they're the games that got me back into Pokemon!

    Sun and Moon looks like it is building on the foundations laid out in X/Y and ORAS similar to how Gold and Silver built upon the foundations laid in Red, Blue and Yellow.

  • I was very excited for Gen 6, (X and Y) but Gen 7 hasn't impressed me yet. Lots of the changes seem bad to me. Pokemon is losing it's style and starting to look like a late PS2/early PS3 era generic RPG on the overworld with the more realistic scale changes. The Rotom dex is a weird gimmick, and I'm not sure how that's going to play out. When you catch a Pokemon now, the game spoils how many evolutions it has by showing you a symbol for each one. In battle, they've made it so can see if a move will be super effective against what you're fighting, so you never longer have to memorize the type chart. Fairy Type also seems like it might be getting overused, and since Gen 6 the very existence of Fairy Type has been the final nail in the Ice Type coffin. Ice Types are completely worthless now, and it's going to be hard for GameFreak to fix that.

    That said, there's a rumor about "communicating with Pokemon" in Sun/Moon, possibly through the Rotom Dex, so that could really expand the way we see Pokemon and add to the franchise in the way Pokemon Amie did in Gen 6. I get excited for every new Pokemon game regardless, and I'll pick a version up inevitably no matter how it turns out, but right now I'm just a bit nervous but also looking forward to the release date.

  • Since I bought the N3DS recently this'll probably be the first pokemon game I play since Silver.

    Kind of intrigued by all the changes since then bar the absurd number of pokemon.

  • Bruxish is a monster and I love it.

  • Two copies pre-ordered for my wife and I, as I've done with every single title since it's inception.

    Although the new pokemon designs are getting worse with each new game, I'm not sure how many more I'll buy if neither the gameplay or overall art design don't evolve soon (Pun totally intended).

  • The new Pokémon designs are consistent with all the previous games. I'm sick of people saying the older designs are better.

    Gen I had two Pokémon that are just balls. BALLS!

  • Very hyped.

    Right now I am in the process of transferring and sorting all my pokemons from the games to the Pokemon bank... getting ready for release!
    Very worried for the game however, they seem to want to streamline Sun and Moon even more then the previous games. Of course, that aint all bad but I am worried that it might feel like the game is playing it self for me.

  • @cottontunacan How good is the transfer process to/from Pokemon Bank? The ability to have everyone in one spot is very enticing but I've always been/still am wary of cloud-esque stuff like this. Losing all my pokes would be heartbreaking.

  • @Dirokia I have used it for two years now and I think its pretty good. You just run the Pokemon Bank app on your 3DS and select witch game you wanna use (you can change at any time) and then it is just like using the boxes in the games.
    alt text
    The box on the upper screen is your pokebank. However, just like the boxes in the games, you can only select and move one pokemon at the time.

    I use pokemon bank to transfer pokemon between Ruby and Y all the time. You just put the pokemon in the bank, and then switch game cartridge and put the pokemon from pokemon bank to the boxes in the game. I think losing you pokemon is very unlikely since pokemon bank saves your game all the time.

  • @Dirokia it works well, but since I share your fear I usually just move all of my favorites to my current game.

  • @cottontunacan @michemagius Thanks for the responses, think I'll check it out to finally consolidate my dex's.

  • Well my hype is pretty much unchecked. I have played Yellow on the VC, Alpha Sapphire, and about to beat X, all since February when it was announced that the VC games would link to Sun/Moon.

  • I'm sure it's going to be fun, but I feel like the Pokemon games are moving forward so slowly. X and Y felt so fresh and it was great to see them add so much in the way the game was presented, but now it feels like improvements and building on the game's formula is slow again.

    It's not that it's bad necessarily, but I can't help but think they could move things forward a lot more. Although having said that, I'm glad they are taking some inspiration from Hawaii for certain Pokemon designs.

  • I think a true evolution for the game is to take it to consoles, and then use Pokken style fighting so it is in real time. Dodging, multiple move types etc. I sometimes wonder if Pokken was a testing ground for that.

  • I'm for sure one of the masses that would love a console Pokemon title, but I understand why they don't. One of the main themes of Pokemon as a series is sharing the adventure with friends and strangers through battling and trading, and that can be best realized on handheld. That said, I'll take any excuse to get a fleshed out console game, even if only for a spin-off idea.

  • I'm hyped to just have my cat as a starter.

    Midnight Kitty