Pokemon Sun & Moon Hype Check

  • @TheChrisGriffin That's amazingly awesome!

  • I loved the changes X&Y brought but hated how barebones the post-game is. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire more than made up for that, but I'm hoping Sun & Moon will be even more substantial. I'm also hoping the campaign itself will through some wrenches into the equation of 8 gym leaders and an elite four. Black & White did some awesome things to switch it up in that regard and its probably why they're my favorites.

    I also made a fan video, which I would typically refrain from. But goddamn it I want these games.

    Youtube Video

  • @TheChrisGriffin said in Pokemon Sun & Moon Hype Check:

    @Dirokia To add to the Poke-bank discussion, I played Pokemon X religiously. I was even able to get all evolutions of the Pokemon including a few shiny Pokemon. I uploaded them all to the Poke-bank and sold my 3DS Last year. I just recently bought a New 3DS, downloaded the Poke-bank, all my Pokemon were still there and I was able to transfer them easily, no problems.

    I get the worries though. I had quite a few terrifying thoughts about my Pokemon being in limbo for a year.

    Adding to the Pokémon Bank chat. Your mons will be safe in the cloud as long as you keep your subscription up. If your subscription expires and you don't renew your Pokémon will eventually be deleted from the server. I don't know how long after expiry that stuff gets deleted. But paying £4.49 per year an't that bad of deal. Especially when they do the odd Pokémon Bank only distributions.

    Personally I'd rather have them in the cloud knowing that if my 3DS dies, is lost or stolen that the majority of my Pokémon collection will be intact.

  • For those who haven't seen it, this video is one of my favourite things about the upcoming release. Just like any Pokemon game however, the fan theories of the area never make a big impact in-game for simplicity sake, but it is always fun to find the lines that connect things even if it is isn't officially canon.

  • Getting it but I don't see the new pokemon as interesting in terms of design. I'm more interested in Solgaleo and Popplio.

  • I don't think I've ever been as indifferent towards new main series Pokémon games as I am towards Sun & Moon. I'm still going to get one of them but I just can't really muster any excitement for them.

  • I am on full media blackout.

    Pokemon games are definitely one that I want to experience for the first time when I boot it up.

  • Trying not to see too much on it, as I would like to be surprised when I play. Overall, I am very excited to play, what little I have seen looks awesome.

  • I really hope they tone down on showing the game going forward. I literally cannot go on media blackout on this game. My friends are always talking about it, and most of the websites I frequent, they will show new Pokemon without any second thought. And I don't think I could resist anyway, new Pokemon info is exciting.

    I would like to learn more about new mechanics coming to the game. I would prefer that to being shown more than half of the new Pokedex.

  • @RyanBates i agree with you, i bought Y after a long absence from pokemon and just couldn't get into the story and never finished it. a few months back i decided to get the sapphire remake since i never played the original and am enjoying it a lot more. i have high hopes for this one though.

  • @TheChrisGriffin @Dirokia

    I appreciate the impressions about the bank aswell, im in the middle of Sphire atm and might clear out some favs from Y and have a good reserve gathered for Sun and Moon

  • Media black out on this game is hard :( anytime i'm on Facebook or Twitter; i see at least 3 Pokemon Sun & Moon related posts with new information.