Pokemon Sun & Moon Hype Check

  • I am on full media blackout.

    Pokemon games are definitely one that I want to experience for the first time when I boot it up.

  • Trying not to see too much on it, as I would like to be surprised when I play. Overall, I am very excited to play, what little I have seen looks awesome.

  • I really hope they tone down on showing the game going forward. I literally cannot go on media blackout on this game. My friends are always talking about it, and most of the websites I frequent, they will show new Pokemon without any second thought. And I don't think I could resist anyway, new Pokemon info is exciting.

    I would like to learn more about new mechanics coming to the game. I would prefer that to being shown more than half of the new Pokedex.

  • @RyanBates i agree with you, i bought Y after a long absence from pokemon and just couldn't get into the story and never finished it. a few months back i decided to get the sapphire remake since i never played the original and am enjoying it a lot more. i have high hopes for this one though.

  • @TheChrisGriffin @Dirokia

    I appreciate the impressions about the bank aswell, im in the middle of Sphire atm and might clear out some favs from Y and have a good reserve gathered for Sun and Moon

  • Media black out on this game is hard :( anytime i'm on Facebook or Twitter; i see at least 3 Pokemon Sun & Moon related posts with new information.