Final Fantasy 14 Free Company Thread

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm the first Officer of the EZA Free Company on Gilgamesh that isn't a part of the main EZA crew. My job is to simple keep the buffs flowing and accept applications for the FC as they come in. I have also made an "EZA Community" Linkshell on Gilgamish so player who don't want to switch FCs can still be a part of the action. I'm new to FF14 and managing a guild in general so please be patient with me. If you want an add to the FC and/or the LS, fill free to post on this thread or message me in game. Also, I will normally online on FF14 from 5pm PST to about 10pm PST on the weekday and most all day on the weekend. If these times don't work for you, please post below or message me and we'll try to work something out. My FF14 character's name is "Yami Zetsumei". If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please fell free to voice them here. I want to help the Easy Allies Free Company grow so that we can start spreading Love and Respect across Eorzea.

    Love and Respect
    Yami Zetsumei

  • Finally got on gilgamesh! Can someone invite me pleaseee :)

    Name is Rikkuu Yunah

  • Hey Allies,

    I'm trying to compile people response to the move to Ultros, and get an idea of what people are planning to do for it. I've made a survey at the link below. If you could find a few moment to take it, that would be AWESOME!!! I'm mainly doing this to get the response of the people who are in the FC on Gilgimesh, but if you are making a new character or transferring from another server, I'd love to hear those story as well. Thank you for your time and being wonderful. Love and Respect.