Zelda's VO in Breath of the Wild has a dark (Dumb Game) past...

  • I'm not too put off by the VO in Breath of the Wild, it sort of fits with the simplistic nature of the story.

  • @Musou-Tensei Slightly off-topic, but I'm curious:
    You've mentioned before that you prefer German dubs in games, and that's pretty common in Germany in TV shows and films as well, I understand? But do you have a line you won't cross, or is it "immer auf Deutsch"? I mean, have you even heard Nolan North as Drake, if I were to give you an extreme kind of example? Or does he speak German to you with some other guy voicing him?

    Is the situation similar in France, Spain and Italy, which are big European countries with their languages? Do people prefer there dubbed products? Feels just really weird, not hearing the original, but that's just me. (I'm Finnish, if you're wondering.)

  • @Sentinel-Beach No you must have misunderstood that (or I once mixed up dub and sub), I do prefer the original VA's, japanese for japanese games, english for english games, german for german games (which is something I don't play often lol.), but I do also prefer german subs over english, especially for Nintendo games because things and even names can be pretty different between those 2 languages and I simply grew up with the german naming conventions in Nintendo games, plus often times german translations of japanese games are more accurate than the english ones, last seen in World of Final Fantasy where the english translation inserts memes where they don't belong, even renaming a monster
    alt text
    this bs doesn't exists in the german translation (and of course not in the JP orginal). Horizon and Nier do it right (and so did World of Final Fantasy and FFXV in that aspect), I can choose dubs and subs seperately from each other, Zelda sadly it's either 100% german or 100% english, so in this case I chose to play it in german. My most prefered option though would be japanese voices with german text.
    The exception is Deus Ex HR because I simply don't like Adam's english voice, and Die Hard Vendetta because the german dub uses the actual movie VA for Bruce Willis while the english one isn't Bruce Willis himself.

    I can't tell how other countries do it, I assume france does the same as they are rather nationalist with their language.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I can't speak for Spain, but most latin american gamers (or at least in my experience) detest Spanish Dubs, be it in latin american or european spanish.

    I do remember seeing a forum post in a spanish website were a lot of people were complaining beacuse a game would have no spanish subtitles, taking it to an absurd degree to be honest.

    Myself I don't think I've ever played a game in spanish, even if the translations are good, and it would take a really particular case for me to do it.

  • @Musou-Tensei Thanks for the comments! That clarified things. Could be that I mixed something up with dubs and subs, yeah.

    Even though we have pretty much always had the Finnish subtitles in every foreign film and TV show, I've never liked them in games. Like never ever. I don't know what it is that suddenly bugs me so in this field of media, but I just always go with English/English as dubs & subs in games even if they had the option for Finnish subtitles as well.

    Thanks for @bard91 too for the Spanish comments. :)

  • Thank @Sentinel-Beach for prompting the responses from @Musou-Tensei and @bard91 it has been fascinating reading.

    I'm British so my first and only language (aside from some rudimentary French) is English. One or two rare examples (Shenmue II and some JRPGS/Musou games I play) where I don't have the choice I always play with English dubs.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I can speak for Spain.

    Spanish translations usually SUCK. With capital letters. Mistakes everywhere, personality removed from the characters, the same (mostly bad) voices over and over... It's just a mess. And I get that people that can't understand English want them, of course, but I think everyone should ask for better quality.

    We don't get dubs 50% of the time tho, there are a ton of games with English, German and French in the European release, leaving Spanish out for some reason (Lost Odyssey weirdly even had Italian voices, but they forgot about Spain). I like that in the case of Pokemon we got the same English names Americans got, since I can't imagine how awful and inconsistent that could have gone (The Pokemon moves were translated so poorly that "Body Slam" was translated as "Door Slam"). I bet that gets weird for @Musou-Tensei x) BTW, Memecoleous is a real alternative name of the Manticore, while the "Pokedex" descriptions get quite "memey" the game counters it with a lot of charm IMO.

    Another problem is the differences between Spanish from America and Spanish from Europe... They are 2 completely different languages as far as enjoying movies and games and there is no "middle point" that can possibly satisfy both.

    I was so happy living in ignorance... Ever since I learned English I notice every time a joke or an expression is wrongfully translated, and with wordplay they don't even try. Also, song translations have gotten worse and worse throughout the years and with cinemas where I live only putting out dubbed versions I have no choice at all...

    Sorry about that rant, I get heated about companies not caring about quality localization u.u And Zelda is a good example, these voices sound rough, after getting through 70% of the game I haven't found one I like :/

  • @KenshoD said in Zelda's VO in Breath of the Wild has a dark (Dumb Game) past...:

    Another problem is the differences between Spanish from America and Spanish from Europe... They are 2 completely different languages as far as enjoying movies and games and there is no "middle point" that can possibly satisfy both.

    this is so true that the only value us latin americans see in dubs from Spain is the comedic value of how weirdly the stuff is translated, and how bad the acting usually is, it is honestly hilarious a lot of times, not sure if it happens at all the other way around though.

  • @bard91 Oh, believe me, it does. If we started counting funny translations I believe America would win, going to weird extents to translate even names and last names (In Star Wars for example) and for some reason reading the credits out loud???. Of course I'm biased (as is everybody who just finds their language more natural) and there is always good stuff in both. Aside from the mistakes I couldn't talk about the quality since I'm not from there, and the way Spain VS Latin Americans infect every Youtube video they can with hate is really annoying, so I'll just leave it at Love & Respect.

    Sadly, it wasn't always like this. Decades ago the ones doing the voices were really good actors on their own and so the dubs ended up being as good as the original, specially black and white movies, or Disney up until 2000 or so... The Simpsons is another one with so much personality and quality behind that it's one of the few I prefer over the English version, but even that got a lot worse with time (just as the show did, kind of).

    My guess would be that older actors stop working or get only the work that pays for their experience, while videogames and stuff don't spend the money they should. Blizzard and Sony are 2 examples of companies doing a better job, but even in their games I find annoying mistakes or poorly localized humor :/

    PS: Dang, sorry for another chunk of text :/

  • @KenshoD Thanks for these! I find it really interesting to hear about translation-centered things like these in other countries.

  • I've thought the Zelda VO was fine. I've liked a bunch of the characters, and the only one I didn't was Zelda herself but not for VA quality reasons.

  • @KenshoD link to the full playthrough? I can't find it