Game for Tablet/Small PC

  • Hey Allies!

    Next week I will be going on a schooltrip with my class to Berlin. Im planning on bringing my tablet/pc (Lenovo Miix 2). I want to claim this opportunity to play some games that I usually dont play. Im thinking tactical RPG´s or something similar. It would be a plus if I can control it with the touchscreen but its not a requirement.

    Anything good on steam? or should I just stick with my FFVII on my phone?

    Do you have any recommendations?


  • Isn't FFIX available also on mobile these days? If so GET IT PLAYED!

    I'd also highly recommend the mobile version of Banner Saga if you're looking for a great tactical RPG. It's not overly long either so you'll probably get it finished during the trip.

    There are also ports of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Baldur's Gate games if you want something a bit more retro.

  • Darkest Dungeon is a great strategy/RPG, and it will punish you, but it's a great way to spend time. (PC/Mac)

    Steamworld Heist is a turn based strategy game that plays in a side scrolling format. (PC/Mac/iOS)

    And if you haven't already, Shadowrun: Dragonfall. (PC/Mobile)

  • Spiderweb software has made bunch of interesting RPG's, most notably (to me at least) the Avernum series, which they're currently remaking. You can find demos to all of their games at their website, and if you're interested, you can get a 7 game collection from GOG.

  • FTL

    Words cause they want me to type more.

  • Throwing in a second vote for The Banner Saga. It's amazing.

  • @Mbun said in Game for Tablet/Small PC:


    Words cause they want me to type more.

    If you like play, die, restart, repeat games and want to live a space fantasy, this is a great one. Short single games with lots of giggles and frustration along the way. Give it a go!