Are more donations even needed? (please don't kill me!)

  • Hello Allies!

    First an foremost, let me quickly express that I am a huge fan and that I love the broadcasts (even though I still miss GT dearly :( ). I love the personalities at play, the topics are great, yadda yadda yadda.

    Since I like your work, I feel compelled to support the work of the EA crew, but since me and my wife are barely getting by, paying a monthly patreon fee does not come easy - especially because I don't know if it is even needed.

    Please bear with my for a second:
    EA staff is earning roughly 39.000 $ per month via Patreon, resulting in 468.000 $ per year. There's also money coming in from youtube ads, merchandise sales, additional sponsors etc. that is difficult to meassure. I also don't now how much maintainance for the website / upkeep for studio equipment etc costs them, but overall it would appear that the allies are quite well off. If their revenue totals something like 600.000 $ per year and it was split evenly, each of the ten members would end up with a 60.000 $ salary - for "playing games all day".

    Of course, I am sure that more money will always be appreciated, but it's unclear to me if more is even needed at this point. If you are a fan of Brad Pitt, you don't have to support him on Patreon, because you know he has more money than god and he'll be able to keep making movies regardless.

    Once again, I've been - and still am - a big fan and I respect the hell out of everyone involved!
    I just wanted to bring this up and hopefully be enlightened.

  • I'm no business or Patreon expert but I think that while the total seems large, a big portion of it goes toward equipment and other necessities rather than straight into their pockets (plus the remainder is at least being split 9 ways, I'm not sure how they work that). I think that's why the office is such a high goal for example. I think Jones has said that they spend every bit of it each month to keep things going.

  • According to Investopedia "It takes approximately $74,371 per year to live well in Los Angeles." LA has one of the highest costs of living in the US, and with all 9 of the allies living in LA the money made off of EZA isn't enough to support all of them full time. That is why there is that 50K goal of a studio. Once they hit that goal they will be able hopefully give all or most of the allies a full time job. Jones has addressed this in a couple of episodes of Cup of Jones if I remember correctly.

  • It's so awkward talking about other people's salary/money, but here we go:

    1.) They live in SoCal. The cost of living is much higher there then most of the country

    2.) Even at $39k, I've read that they're all taking a pay cut from the GT days. Imagine building a career through your late 20's and in to your 30's, and then taking a pay cut at that point. You should be building a solid career more than ever at that point.

    3.) They have to build it to a point where what happened at GT doesn't happen again. Imagine if they stopped plugging patreon, and the number started going down.. We'd all be screwed. Their videos don't receive nearly enough views to earn a living for even one of them right now.

    4.) Guys like Kyle Bosman are a hot commodity, and even if they aren't, they could produce videos on their own channels and likely create a living for themselves at the current level, or work somewhere in LA for more pay.

    Going the Patreon route is working well for them, but it's a little risky because topics and thoughts like this will keep growing more and more as they get bigger and bigger.

    These guys want to be as successful as possible in the careers, just like any of us. They have the right to grow as big as they want and as big as their fan base allows them to, but because the number is sitting there in the open, these thoughts will always be in people's minds. (I'm not knocking your for wondering this btw)

    For people who are worried about donating, just don't. Don't donate, and don't think about it. You still get the Allies, and they'll still be around thanks to other people who are cool with the idea. Don't stress about it.

  • I'm studying, barely get by, yet I'm $1 patron, as that is something I can give to them, and if that means I have to be without food for one day because of that, so be it. So far, I have had money to eat everyday, but now I had to start a part-time job on the side, as things started to look bad.

    That said, I understand that if you can't give out a single cent, as sometimes that seems too much. But that is always fine, as it's the thought that counts. As long as you enjoy their content, it's alright. And if you have something bad to say towards them, for example "I didn't like how Bosman did X and bluhbluh" it's fine, as there is always need for criticism, and it helps them to make their content as good as they possibly can.

  • So basically its charity. Once the $50,000 goal is met then each ally will have a proper job and will get paid appropriately. Its all fun and games playing all day and getting paid. I think Kyle has a proper job but thats about it.

    People like Damiani who contribute very little in podcasts and in play streams should get paid less. It has to be fair but I'm sure Jones knows what he is doing but as compared to all others Jones is odd one out as he talk so fast and passionately. others pale in comparison to him. There needs to be balance. But I do like them individually and have no problem with it. I just noticed it as all.

    Its a risky thing what they are doing and I don't know how a person can be happy when at any moment things can break down for them which I hope never ever happens.

    They do make crap load of money and they know it. They are very discrete about it lol.

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    I am not surprised that we see posts like these - with all rights.

    The thing is that you have to remember, EZA are a "company" just as GT were, it just goes a different route to fund itself as they want to stay independent (also avoid having to do sketchy adds for products and what have you). We got 9 people passionate about something we all like - Games, for me its nothing stranger than wanting to supports something you like. If you prefer things from a developer you buy their game, if you like a certain movie series you go to the cinema and/or buy their DvD etc.

    Coming from a background of digital media myself I know that just keeping equipment up to date and buying software (yes they need proper licenses) is anything but cheap. Then also you have to remember, this is their job, its not something on the side. Ofcourse they going to need more than just break even each month.

    I believe the EZA try to be as transparent as they can with their pattern money and as for all the entertainment I get in return, I am willing to give them a little money each month, it keeps me from buying small junk instead.

    Love and Respect!

  • @MSBi said in Are more donations even needed? (please don't kill me!):

    People like Damiani who contribute very little in podcasts and in play streams should get paid less

    Uh... you may not know this, but Damiani produces quite a bit of the content for EZA.

  • @TokyoSlim

    Look mate I acknowledge that I don't know everything that goes on. Neither do I have time in my life to check each and everything out. I'm just going by what i am able to watch and its just what I observed. I do however think on good days Damiani brings up points which annihilates everyone else by a mile but the case is clearly he is going through depression or something difficult in his life because that not the guy I know.

  • @MSBi said in Are more donations even needed? (please don't kill me!):

    I acknowledge that I don't know everything that goes on. Neither do I have time in my life to check each and everything out.

    All I'm saying is that's precisely why you should not be making public judgements on what he should be paid, even in jest. Your opinion was that he isn't a valuable member of EZA. You're welcome to have it, but it's an uninformed opinion.

  • @TokyoSlim said in Are more donations even needed? (please don't kill me!):


    You took it that way. My opinon was that Damiani is clearly not as enthusiastic as the other members. i hope he does get better. I am not implying that he needs to go and I am being serious when I talk on this forum. You can take what I say however you want but I am being honest and don't play fake. Aside from Damiani all the others are doing great even though they too have bad day but they improvise and get better but Damiani doesn't even try and this is a consistent thing.

    I think salary should depend on the amount of work taken. i am simple guy and thats how I look at it. you cleared it for me that Damiani does have a good hand in production has made me glad so before you take my comments the wrong way I feel in no way I have said anything wrong especially when they are getting paid by donation to play games.

    Why do you think I visit these forums everyday. Why do you think I take the time out in my day to watch what the allies are up 2 and spend time watching and understanding their content. It because i love them and hence i want each and its a cause of concern for me when I see someone who is not doing as well as he could. Take it however you want man. I don't care/

  • Can we just lock a thread if it's this rude and started by an account made 4 hours ago?

    This isn't meant for a discussion, this is just a troll trying to start drama.

  • @Joetown

    Clearly we should if that's how you feel about it.

    I just like to openly apologise if i have said anything out of line in regards to allies. I love their work and I love what they do. If I have insulted anyone or anything by saying something its my fault and I had no intention to do so. I just want every ally to do the best and to be happy as all and thought Damiani isn't giving it all.

  • I'm sorry but I do not see the benefit of this topic at all.

    If you cannot afford to contribute than you don't have to but making a topic about if they need it is so off point and something that has already been answered by Jones. The very fact that only 3 people are full time answers this question.

  • @Joetown I don't really see anything rude in the OP, just comes across as not understanding how $39k doesn't travel far when you have to pay for nine people living in California (compared to, say, the south or the midwest) along with investing money into equipment or paying for things like EZA in concert. And accounts made 4 hours ago aren't invalid or anything, there's new fans being made every day.

    To answer the OP, if you don't think you need to or can afford to support the allies, then that's your call. You shouldn't feel pressured into giving them money or anything.