Assault Suit Leynos (Target Earth HD) HYPE.

  • Here is the trailer!
    Youtube Video

    Does it look familiar at all to you? That is because when Assault Suit Leynos came out in North America on the Genesis, it was called Target Earth.
    alt text
    alt text

    And here is a link to the Playstation Blog post.

    When I watched the trailer, I thought it looked familiar, and after looking it up I discovered that it was a remake of Target Earth. I am HYPED for this game now. I loved it as a kid, and am excited to play it again. Though I could never get past the second level.

    Anybody else hyped for this?

  • Damn, I saw it posted on the blog but didn't check out the video. Looks really cool, I'll probably pick it up day one. Never heard of the original game. Thanks for shedding more light onto this one.

  • Love sweet mecha action, but no PS4... :cry:

  • Target Earth is fun but damn is it unforgiving. It'd be cool if they followed this up with Assault Suits Valken (since the West got the lesser Cybernator instead), though that one holds up a lot better, so maybe it doesn't need a remaster/remake.

  • @Ringedwithtile It is certainly hard. Hopefully this remake will be kinder to us. And it would be cool! I have my fingers crossed for them doing all the sequels if this one does well enough.