Bloodborne vs Nioh vs Demons Souls vs Dark Souls 1 vs 2 vs 3

  • I am gonna keep it short and sweet.

    • Try to keep your opinion as objective as possible

    • Illustrate how you would rate each title by using > instead of number scaling

    • Every game in the category is holding its own ground so that means you can't say all the souls games, you have to say which one an why.

    • Explain what makes your number 1 choice greater than all the others

    • Explain why you selected a game to be at the bottom of the pile.


  • They're good at different things. For example Nioh has hands down the best combat out of all of them, but is lacking in other areas.

  • Opinions aren't objective by its definition. I'm sure someone already did pure objective comparison if you're interested in that. But by asking us to rate them against eachother, we simply cannot be objective. Plus the games are really different between themselves. Even all Souls games that are the part of the same franchise and I see no reason to rank them.

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    lol there is always something wrong with what I right in this forum. My post always get picked. Anyway, I already know they are different and none is better than the other in enjoyment I was just curious to rate it this way. I dont need a lecture in what an opinion is and you speak for others in this forum. People can judge for themselves

    Why do you have to get all serious?. You can contribute or you can go. simple!

    I thought at easy allies every one can contribute and have an opinion and have fun

    Apologies for being rude though. its not my intention.

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    Much like Brandon Jones I put Bloodborne above everything else because of art style.

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    Hahahahaha. You can be a little scary sometimes Art

  • Demon's Souls > Dark Souls > Bloodborne > Dark Souls 3 > Nioh > Dark Souls 2

    I often change which one is my favorite they both do other things better then the other.

    Demon's souls for it's level design, bosses and world building and art style

    Dark Souls for its world design characters bosses and lore

    Bloodborne for its setting and horror elements as well as game play

    Dark souls 3: for its covenants nostalgia and is ability to answer long standing questions.

    Nioh for its game play and customization

    Dark Souls 2 has the best weapon verity and pvp

    Is this how you wanted us to answer

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    @MSBi I have my moments.

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    Yes thank you. Appreciate the time it took you to write 9 sentences. Much appreciated.

  • Dark Souls 3 > Nioh > Dark Souls 2 > Bloodborne > Dark Souls > Demon's Souls

    I didn't get into the Souls games until DS2 which means the original DS and Demon's Souls are at the bottom of my pile, purely because I haven't played them.

    I absolutely adored Dark Souls 3, it felt more like Dark Souls 2 but with a more cohesive environment and areas that made more sense in the wider scheme of things, I loved how things tied in to the original Dark Souls (watched the entirety of it on a Stream prior to beginning DS2) and got chills at certain moments when discovering certain similarities, envrions and bosses.

    I adore the SoulsBorne game for their combat and exploration, but above all is the co-op. I just adore the thrill of 3 guys beating a huge daunting boss together, I love going back and helping folks who are stuck, I just absolutely adore it. The Rat King faction quest in DS2 was masterful as well, drawing people into this hostile environment for you to set traps for them all over the place, pure genius and hours of fun were spent just doing that.

    Nioh just gave me that something different, the combat and level design is very reminiscent of the SoulsBorne games but the way the game plays out as missions rather than a sprawling map appeals to replayability and co-op that much more for me, I loved the loot and side quests too, being able to discover these little stories and characters on the side, it was just one refreshing change from Souls which I feel was needed to make it feel different than just 'Samurai Souls'. Loved going back and doing random missions with folks, helping them through a mission or boss, just felt more of a fully realised mode than the summoning from Souls and I absolutely loved that.

    I just didn't really 'get' Bloodborne at all, it just felt like one entire area that From just expanded to an entire game, the co-op side of things just wasn't as fun, I found it harder to summon someone, and things just looked the same, I didn't get that grand sense of scale and adventure like I did in Souls, I just felt like I was exploring one (admittedly very well designed) city rather than an entire sprawling interconnected world.

  • Demon's Souls > Bloodborne > Dark Souls

    Demon's Souls still feels the most dangerous and mournful. It's untamed, with conceptually driven bossfights and a rewarding sense of progression.

    Bloodborne is the most refined, which I suppose should be the case since it's the latest one I've played. It has killer style and a great control of tone. Its problem is that it borrows its structure from the previous games mentioned. It's hard to be fearful when the structure is so rigid and familiar. Probably shouldn't have been (ostensibly) a Souls game. It probably would have been better for it.

    Dark Souls is uneven. Personally not a fan of the interconnected world, and that last third is a real drag. Blighttown rocks though. I wish more of the game felt like such a trap.

  • @Ringedwithtile with your dislikes of Dark Souls 1 i have a feeling you'll love Dark Souls 3. No interconnected world (for the most part) and a way more consistent polish and tone.

  • Honestly its a toss up between Dark Souls 1 and 3 for my favorite of the series.

    Bloodborne is tough because I think it might be the best game, and I love the setting and lore, but the dark fantasy world of Souls just slightly edges it out for me.

    Still haven't played Nioh other than the demo, I love the gameplay but aesthetically its not quite for me

  • I'm not sure I could order them if I wanted to... To be honest, looking back on the series, I have enjoyed Dark Souls 2 the most and the longest. It is also the one I enjoy returning to the most. I'm surprised by it, but I think Dark Souls 2 may be my series' favorite.

    There's a certain sense of freedom in Souls 2. You can co op even after the boss is down with the small white soapstone, you can effectively dual-wield any weapons instead of a few paired ones, you have lifegems that extend your healing capacities and make less trips to a bonfire necessary, and I believe Majula is the best hub in the series. I just really enjoy the vibe, the areas, and the more personal story told within it. It really focuses on what the undead curse means to an individual, not just to the world at large. I always said Souls 1 was my favorite, and for good reason, but after replaying it I believe I enjoy 2 more.

    Souls 2>Souls 1>Souls 3>Bloodborne>Nioh

    I have not played Demon's Souls. No PS3 :(

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    Bloodborne>Dark Souls 1>Demon Souls>Dark Souls 3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>a chicken fajita I found in the dumpster last week>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lords of the Fallen>>>>>Dark Souls 2

    Haven't played Nioh. This a definitive list. We can close the thread now.

  • @El-Shmiablo

    I hear on a gameplay fundamental level (no saving their aesthetic decisions) that DkS2 improved on the PS4 version by tenfold, but yeah, after some really great levels, the game started getting ugly, difficulty came from giant mobs, rooms that went nowhere, etc etc. DkS 2 is the only one I just decided wasn't worth my damn time in the end.

  • @El-Shmiablo Hahaha then I can't wait to play Bloodborne. I had never played a game in this style before playing Lords of the Fallen solely because it was a PS+ game. The Souls games always intimidated me and there was just always something else I really wanted to play more. I really enjoyed LotF and immediately bought Bloodborne to play in the future. Haven't got around to it yet but its there. Its been a busy 2017 so far.

  • Unfortunately, I've never played Demon's Souls so I cannot, in good conscience, place it on this list. However, this is where my list stands currently. If I ever get around to playing Demon's Souls I will be sure to amend it.

    Bloodborne is my personal favorite of the Souls series. I'm the type of gamer that values character development, world building, in-depth lore and immersion above everything. While every game in this series is unparalleled in their efforts to ground itself in a world of deep history and many stories to tell, I feel that Bloodborne did it the best. It's themes and tone was consistent throughout and was better fleshed-out than in the previous Souls games. The history concerning the Healing Church's work with blood ministration is fascinating. And for those who have seen the endings to the game, it is extremely philosophical on a level that it gives me a nerdgasm. Here's a video to Folding Idea's commentary on it to more explain what I mean.
    Beyond that, the combat was not only fun but unlike anything I've ever played. The concept of introducing a visceral and aggressive fighting style in a series like the Souls was risky and ultimately paid off. In the end, Bloodborne, more so than any other game in the series, stuck with me years after I finished it.

    The Dark Souls games all exist on a relatively similar field to me. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses but they all seem comparable. For as much crap that the community gives Dark Souls 2, I actually prefer its level design. It was varied in a way that the other games weren't and every location seemed distinct and memorable. However, I believe Dark Souls 3 is by far the most refined of the Souls games. It addressed issues that were mentioned in the first two games and even took a few notes from Bloodborne to create a combat system that was similar to its predecessors but with more movement. I remember the issue of "can you play a game the wrong way" was brought up with the first game when players were hiding behind massive shields and poking at their enemies with long spears, slowly whittling down their health and turning the game into a monotonous drone of an experience. It seems that this combat system, and Bloodborne's for that matter, was in an effort to address that and I believe it did so effectively enough. It was a proper and well-deserved send off to a series that will live on in the memories of all those who had played it.

    Nioh is another beast entirely. I'll admit, I haven't put as much time into it as the other games in this list. I got to the end and immediately put it down. It wasn't a bad game, but compared to the others on this list, it certainly was lacking. I didn't like how the game was segmented into chapters rather than giving an open-ended design where the world was interconnected. I know it wasn't the same studio and it probably shouldn't have copied the Souls formula to the letter, but the game was clearly invoking that feel of a Souls game and the chapter segmentation was obvious and made me miss the structure of From's work. Speaking of level design again, Nioh became too similar throughout the game. There are only so many villages, forest and caves that you can walk through before they all start to bleed together. I wouldn't say the levels were terrible, they just weren't noteworthy. The combat systems were also needlessly complicated. It reminded me of the original Witcher's combat system (one which that series thankfully moved away from). Unlike the Souls games that thrive on ambiguous storytelling, Nioh had a more structured plot ... I think, anyway. Everything moved so fast and there were so many names being thrown around that it was difficult to track what the hell was going on. And the final boss was a complete joke. And yes, none of the Souls games had amazing final bosses either, but Nioh's story place an emphasis on this fight. It wanted you to care about this conflict and so it carried more meaning when it was one of the more straightforward fights in the game. Taken on this own, Nioh is a great game that I honestly had a good time with while I was playing it. But compared to the Souls games, it clearly shows that From's efforts in this space were far superior in almost every category.