Easy Allies: Year One Tribute

  • Made a video about first year of Easy Allies
    Watch on YouTube

  • Nice work. It's crazy how in some of the footage they look SO YOUNG. It's only been a year!
    Ben's had like 3 different hairstyles!

  • I personally liked your "I'm so excited" tribute a bit more. It had such a good energy and perfect timings edited to the song of many of the great moments we've witnessed. This one had more of a "In memoriam" vibe to it, maybe. :) Don't get me wrong, these are really well made, and I always tend to love montages and tributes like this. Please, do make some more again at some point!

  • @Sentinel-Beach I've searched for a week but could not find another song with fitting lyric. Also I liked the idea of trying something different. As for the mood, it starts on a sad note because of GT shutdown. But it becomes brighter with every next step (I hope).

    I would like to make more (and I'm already gathering bits from streams and shows) but I'm out of ideas for now. It will likely happen but not too soon.

  • I got what you were trying to do with the music building up! The energy of the "So Excited" tribute definitely makes it more fun, but I liked how this encompassed the whole year and the music fit that :)