Selective Creation: Nominate From the 90s!

  • @Descendant The OP, @Brannox usually runs a "Kill Your Babies" game with the list as soon as it is finished. He has done a lot of these already but anyone is allowed to participate, there isn't an exclusive list. I think saves would make it very difficult, it can be confusing enough as is since some of the kills happen rapidly and you might not be around when a game you want to save gets axed. If you click on OP's profile or search for "Selective Creation" or "Kill Your Babies" you should find a bunch of the lists he has already run :)

    The new game should be starting pretty soon too since you capped off the list!

  • And our final list looks like this:

    Vigilante 8
    Metal Gear Solid
    Pokemon Red/Blue
    Roller Coaster Tycoon
    Nights Into Dreams
    Crash Team Racing
    Turrican II
    Final Fantasy VII
    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    Mega Man X
    Tekken 3
    Jet Moto
    Super Mario World
    Command & Conquer: Red Alert
    Final Fantasy VIII
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    Tomb Raider II
    Half Life
    Heroes III of Might and Magic
    Age of Empires II
    Super Mario 64
    Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer
    Chrono Trigger
    Resident Evil 2
    Silent Hill
    Sonic Adventure

    I would say that it's a pretty interesting list, and having played through most of these, and at least played a bit of the rest, I do feel that every title here is at least worth checking out. Yes, some amazing titles missed this list, stuff like Link to the Past, Duke Nukem 3D, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct and Street Fighter II.
    I'll give @Brannox the honor to let him start the darker side of this list... Honestly, I'm not going to like this one at all. I do genuinely like all of these games here, though some more than others... We'll see how things turn out... In KYB... * shudders *

  • Is this the fastest selective creation in history?

  • JAY-ZUS. Guy can't go off and play Horizon for 12 hours straight to find this has been wrapped up a HALF DAY ago X-D.

    Allow me to respond individually to a few of you and then we can get this show on the road. Before that though, I personal thought: This has been one of the better list builds, in my small opinion. Looking at this list and seeing so much quality makes me want to go and relieve one the great times in gaming. But enough of that!

    @Descendant: While I like your initiative, @logic__error is correct in pointing out the issue with saves. That very idea was a point of discussion came up in a recent round and to give you the truncated version: It's a neat concept, but with the potential of SO many players, keeping track of that is a nightmare. HOWEVER, if you have ideas of threads you want to make, or games you want to create, knock yourself out! This is a great place (the forums) and if you've got an awesome idea, you don't need my permission to create awesome stuff! A note though: There have been A LOT of different types of rounds (Both building and killing), so if others want to tackle a focus already covered, albeit with your own unique spin, feel free.

    @logic__error: Good lord I've done too many of these ;-)

    @jipostus Thanks for putting together the compiled list! And yes, being the one who opens up the festivities to the darker areas of our preferences, I do believe I have one of dem reputations I needs ta uphold.

    @naltmank: Seriously, I think it is. This thing was built in 16 hours, with 18 entries being added in just two of those hours. TWO!!! What can I say: It appears the lot of us are 90s kids for the most part!

    WHEW! Ok. Now that I've responded, what say you we get down to brass tacks? Or, more aptly, why we're probably not gonna like each other for the rest of the day >=-)

    Mwahahahahah (Aaaaaand I need help...)

  • (Necrobumping again)

    I wonder if I'm really the right fit for this community. Only 6 games that debuted on a Nintendo platform (not counting Virtual Boy, there were four of them active in the 90's), and only THREE actually developed by Nintendo. And ZERO Zelda, console or handheld...


  • @Oscillator The thing with the Selective Creation lists was that a lot of people assumed someone else would nominate the super popular games, people wanted to nominate niche or forgotten games because someone else probably won't, and super popular series tended to be the most divisive, so games like Zelda would often be killed off immediately. I think many people got tired of nominating super popular games just to see them die two kills in.

  • @Oscillator While I think @logic__error is correct for the typical list, as this, if memory serves, was the FASTEST to be built. As I reference in my last post above 18 entries of the required 25 were placed in just TWO hours. With the system built into place where people had to wait to give others a chance to add their's, it's clear several were online at the same time and were eager to get games in.

    To your point about wondering if you belong, I assure you, you do. Just because there isn't any Zelda on this list doesn't mean there are not those who love Zelda, or Nintendo for that matter. And if you feel like you're not seeing enough, post about it! I think I read in your other necrobump how you've gone complete dark for Breath of the Wild, but I'm sure that thread would be just what you're looking for. Don't worry! There is a place for you here, even if (and I don't think you would as there are others here I'm sure that share your preferences) you create Nintendo themed threads and topics. Someone should to keep up the representation.

    @logic__error As I just touched on, I believe you are correct involving the average list, except this one in particular is PACKED with high quality titles. I think many here grew up in, and subsequently hold in high regard, the 90s with gaming, so many popular games are on this list. But I agree: The popular and the super niche were always the first to go. An exercise in constantly swimming in the sea of sevens I guess :-)

  • @Brannox Definitely! I kept trying to work that point in but I couldn't word it the way I wanted. This list got made incredibly fast, everyone had favorites locked and loaded and when you pull 30 titles from a span of 10 years amazing games are going to get left out, no way around it.