Kill Your Babies: Erase the 1990s!

  • @Brannox ... there's two games left.

  • @SabotageTheTruth @Brannox this is my first one of these. It's a vote now, right?

  • @CGamor7 Yes. You just click the above link and pick, in your opinion is the better of the two games. The one that has the most votes after 24 hours gets the KYB players' seal of approval as the best of that category.

  • @Brannox I take my futuristic hover racing games VERY seriously, sir.

  • After voting and coming back to this thread...

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  • By a score of 11-6, DOOM becomes our third two time champion!

    Thank you very much for posting, voting, and most importantly, killing. (Weird sentence out of context, isn't it?)

  • Something I nominated finally won! Although I had both of the finalists. And would've rather seen Tekken 3 take the trophy now that it did make its way to the end. Oh Heihachi, maybe some day. Thanks for the other five people!

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    Just wait until the next list...

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    Woah! This thread took a turn quickly

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    Now Its time to vote!

  • @Brannox How were
    -Zelda : Ocarina of Time
    -GoldenEye etc left off this list.

    I guess you never owned a Nintendo ?

  • @Sean-Ó-Ceallachain said in Kill Your Babies: Erase the 1990s!:

    @Brannox How were
    -Zelda : Ocarina of Time
    -GoldenEye etc left off this list.

    I guess you never owned a Nintendo ?

    He didn't create the list. The community did.

    There's a whooooole list of these threads, and the lists are mostly generated, one title at a time, but a revolving set of crazies who all have their personal favorites. :)

  • @Sean-Ó-Ceallachain I think @Sazime summed it up perfectly.

    For the past year, I have curated this game (though I was not the original person to implement it on the forums) and in that time there have been build and kill threads about almost every topic you can imagine. For example, we've done:

    Genres covering Action-Adventure, Shooters, Platformers, and Racing to name a few
    Consoles such as the Nintendo 64, Xbox 360, PS4, and so many others
    Other published lists like Time, GameInformer, Metacritic, etc.
    And of course in these specific threads where we tackled the decades starting in the 80s and moved through the current time period.

    Builds are called "Selective Creation" because 1.) I can't think of a good name for anything and 2.) I tried to think of something that was the opposite of Kill Your Babies!.

    (IF you don't know what KYB! is, it got its GT/EZA notoriety when played by Mr. Hinck on what I think was the last ever Mandatory Update and has been played on Easy Update twice)

    We build the lists for the purpose of collectively saying "These are our X favorite/best games in whichever category we're discussing." The KYB! threads are done because 1.) If you ask practically anyone, I'm evil and 2.) We've made the list, so it's only natural that we have to know which is the best (And FYI, it never really is the best of the list, because as @Sazime pointed out, some people love games others hate (Uncharted, Persona, and select Final Fantasies to name a few) so they're always the first to go).

    Since you're new to these, you are welcome to participate as I try to make them open to all, but you must now we're in the final few set of lists so the threads will cease soon.

    I'm REALLY SORRY for typing such a long response, but I felt it necessary not only to respond to you, but also provide a small codex for anyone else who is interested in playing.

    To answer your question:

    Never owned a Game Boy, SNES, N64, Wii, 3DS, Wii U, NES Classic, Switch
    Dad owned an NES
    Owned a GBA, GBA SP, GameCube (Barely played it), and DS.