Dream Star Wars E3 announcement

  • @Ringedwithtile so a kind of western in the star wars universe what a great idea

  • I'm pretty excited to see where Visceral takes this franchise. I haven't particularly liked the past few games that they have done but I've been surprised before. Until recently I had written-off Guerrilla and then Horizon happened, so you never know. I just hope they are able to escape the EA influence on this one. Bioware has managed to stay alive for this long, maybe Visceral can crawl its way back to brilliance. But maybe not, so just don't hold you breath or anything.

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    @Caleb_Aranda Bioware is barely bioware at this point. Anybody involved with the creation of the original ME trilogy has moved on.
    Same with Visceral. The talent that made the first two Dead Spaces (which are both in my top ten GOATs) have moved on to greener pastures.

    Unless they pull something completely out of left field, mt excitement level is tilting towards cautiously pessimistic.

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    I would wish to see a revive of the 1313 game which got canceld, it looks so awesome and different from other star wars games out there! My guess will however, realisticlly be on Star wars Battlefront 2.

  • Something similar to Jedi outcast and Jedi academy. Those games were great.

  • A Soulsborne-esque game where you are a Jedi doing Jedi stuff. It could have a mission set up similar to Nioh where you are just sent to places to clean up Sith-Shit (that's a technical term).

    An open world bounty hunting game would also be good.

  • Something without Jedi. Anything without Jedi. I want more Star Wars, I don't necessarily want more rescuing the galaxy. 1313 looked so good. Why did they have to cancel it?! Bring back 1313, that's my dream Star Wars announcement.

  • @Paper-Lion That's one reason I love Republic Commando so much. The military aspects of Star Wars are so well-crafted that they deserve to exist without the distractions of force-related stuff.

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    @Billy There NEEEEEDS to be a Republic Commando based on Order 66.
    My dick would pierce the heavens.

  • All I want is KOTOR 3