Easy Allies March Madness Group!

  • Hey fellow allies.

    I know we're not all into sports, but March Madness is upon us, and along with the Switch, it's sure to make a crazy month for those of us into both gaming and sports.

    I saw the EZA fantasy football league and while it was unfortunately too late for me to join, it gave me this idea. I made a group on ESPN for anybody with a college basketball bracket to enter the group and enjoy some friendly competition! Feel free to join it, hopefully there is a decent amount of interest. Here are the group details:
    Group Name: EasyAllies
    Group Motto: Upset Alliance
    It is public, so there is no password to enter. Just search up the group name. In addition, you can enter as many brackets as you want, so if you have a sibling or something they can also enter their bracket with your account, but don't go crazy and add like 15 brackets or anything.
    The group is locked though, which means you can't join or leave once the round of 64 starts on Thursday.
    Good luck!

    Also, i don't know if any of the core allies are into college basketball/March Madness. I know Kyle was in the fantasy football league, so perhaps I should reach out to him? Anyway, everyone please let me know if you're interested, I hope this is a successful group with a decent size, but who knows.

  • I'm in it to win it!

  • @TokyoSlim haha, I'm glad it's not just me! hopefully more join

  • Looks like I won by default. :)
    Everyone is out, but I was out last.