What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern If you liked the other Xenoblade games you should find something to enjoy in this one too. I had a few issues with it (overly complex systems, mainly, but that's my gripe with the others too) but it also retains the qualities of the series, namely an impressive open world, great soundtrack, endless amount of content, etc.

    Those games are a very distinct flavour of RPG and despite my criticism I keep coming back to them.

  • @axel Thanks! This’ll actually be my first but it’s the only one that looks appealing to me so here’s hoping!

  • I was just cleaning up my games that are stored away and as I picked up my N64 i heard a rattle. Take a look inside and there is the copy of Demi Kids Light I was beginning to wonder if I had only imagined ever having. This will be the first cart I throw in my Analogue Pocket when it arrives...in the middle of next year.

  • Got these for 10$. The Ace Combat cartridge was the last one available, I'm so happy that I got that.


  • @bam541 Just started Blur last night. I like it!

  • @e_zed_eh_intern nice, I'm excited to pop it in after finishing Far Cry 2. Been hearing good things about it, and I totally never heard of this until a few years ago.

  • Got these for 11$


  • @bam541 I'm not a big fan of the tattoo design, but that mask looks siiiiick.

  • @demonpirate yeah I'm really happy that I found that, it's like one of the last ones on stock too. Now I have 4 floral themed masks!

  • Just got my XSX

  • @phbz Congrats!

    Target shipped my PS5 today and it's expected on Saturday. I'm ready for next-gen!

  • Well, I got my PS5 games a week before release here in Europe but no PS5 console =(


  • My PS5 arrived today

    0_1605304940636_PS5 1 (1).jpg

    0_1605304957144_PS5 2 (1).jpg

  • I upgraded my IEMs. Currently listening to Gorillaz's Song Machine tracks with it, and it sounds absolutely sublime. It's definitely far above the usual budget earbuds that I'm used to.



    Update: tried out one of the tracks from Ghost of Tsushima, and I actually shed a few tears at one of the parts, the string section is absolutely palpable. It's already worth the investment so far, lol.

  • @shoulderguy My goodness, I love your dog!

  • I bought PS Vita. Yeah, it is a bit late to have it but I never had PSP and I intend to tick that box too with this device. I still remember the day Uncharted "Portable" left my mouth open, guess I'll finish that one first.

    Another angle is what I couldn't buy: A Goddamn PS5! I even waited for hours on different countries' Amazons but to no success. I won't be able to get it until 2021 unfortunately. :/

  • @scotty I have a vita and love it. Funnily enough,I picked up mine when the Switch was out of stock near launch. Definitely underrated still, but a hard sell, especially if you want a memory card that's a decent size.

    I think above anything else, it really is an awesome way to play some PS1 games and catch up on PSP because you said you never had one. That's three libraries you can catch up on in wait for a PS5!

  • @happygaming I have pulled out my Vita so many times, charged it and then completely forgotten about it again. My PSTV did just start giving me black screen so the Vita is sadly my only way to play Vita games now.

  • @happygaming

    Can you recommend any hidden gems from both PSP and PSV? Mainly from platformers and action-adventure side but I'm willing to check out outside of these if the story is good.

  • @Scotty

    For PSP:

    For platformers, I know that there's Daxter and Secret Agent Clank. There was also a Jak and Daxter game called The Lost Frontier, but I didn't really play it. Both Mega Man Maverick Hunter X and Powered Up are solid remakes of the original Mega Man and X if you don't mind 2.5D platforming. Hammerin' Hero is along the same feel as Mega Man; tough action platformer. Dracula X Chronicles has a collection of Castlevania games, and you can even unlock Symphony of the Night, but I found that the latter ran better if you just got the PS1 version (plus you get the better voice acting that wasn't rerecorded). I don't know if I'd call it a 'platofrmer' but Loco Roco is super jolly, but probably not for everyone.

    Some of the games were ported to other systems, so you may be able to play something like Patapon on your PS4 if you prefer it that way, but it really works for a handheld. Same with MGS Peace Walker if you want a Metal Gear game, although its included in the HD collection on Vita. God of War Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta are also both on there, and I don't think have been ported. If you're more down on the RPG front, Crisis Core is a great action-RPG, and the Final Fantasy Tactics on there is awesome if you're looking more on the strategy front. Legend of Heroes and Valkyria Chronicles 2 are also on there. Metal Slug Anthology is straight up shooting action.

    As far as the Vita:

    It's a shame that I can't recommend the Jak or Ratchet collections on there because they run terrible. The Sly Cooper collection though does run well, and the 4th one is also available on the system. Rayman Origins is one of my favorite platformers of the last while, although I played it on PS3. Rayman Legends is also on the system if you like the first one. Rogue Legacy will keep you busy for a while if you're into the idea of a roguelike Castlevania type game. Tearaway uses a lot of the Vita hardware and has the Media Molecule feel if you're into that. There are a ton more too like Axiom Verge (like old school Metroid), Oddworld New n Tasty (remake is good, PS1 is also available to grab if you prefer), Steamworld Dig 1 and 2 (short and sweet), Salt and Sanctuary (like Souls but 2D), Iconoclasts (also like Metroid), and Bloodstained Curse of the Moon (straight up NES Castlevania), Shovel Knight...

    For more action adventure games, Vita has some great ones from Vanillaware like Muramasa, Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown. There are a few Monster Hunter clones like Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars and God Eater, or even Toukiden if those are your cup of tea. I mentioned earlier, but the MGS collection is on here and has 2, 3 and Peace Walker, same with the God of War collection. The Vita really excels at RPGs and visual novels and has a ton of those if you're into that sort of thing, so Persona 4 Golden and Danganronpa are two that always comes up in the conversation, same with Gravity Rush.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton. Hope this wasn't too heavy a list. Just don't sleep on PS1 stuff too, there are some great action adventure games on there too!