What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Haha, true enough. That was a gift from my aforementioned girlfriend some years ago that I'm super grateful to have. It happened to be in stock right at the time of my birthday, so I definitely got lucky there.

  • @happygaming oh well that’s ok then. My wife gave me this watch:


  • @scotty

    I have a 55" Samsung Q60R (not sure what the R stands for in Samsung's naming) and I love it. It's expensive, but still in the mid-tier price point of TVs. I got it a year and a bit ago for $1000CAD but now it's in the $700-800 range. I absolutely love it for a few reasons. Mainly, it's surprisingly fast for a TV panel. The lines are starting to blur between monitor precision and TV lag. I find that it reacts great for PS4 games and is a lot smoother than my old Vizio. Unlike most TVs, Samsung has perfectly fine out of the box picture settings too. Standard will look good for everything and then it autoswitches to Game Mode when you play games which makes the picture a bit more vivid and bright while also increasing the refresh rate.

    It also looks really great for movies and TV, especially ones filmed in HDR like Amazon's The Grand Tour. The downside to HDR is that many games currently just apply it by default and some companies have no idea how to do HDR properly. Treyarch COD games actually look WORSE on a 4K HDR TV. Likewise, the white backlight shows in the corners which isn't a problem for games but sometimes it shows in dark scenes in movies. Again, I'll take the backlight bleed through versus spending an additional $1000-2000 on an LG or Sony. Those TVs are also amazing, but the cost is too much for me at the moment.


    All in all, I recommend the current Samsung Qseries. I was pretty blown away, especially with the price for picture value.

  • @dipset That's exactly the model I have, same size too, and I confirm everything you say, it's a really amazing screen. I haven't experienced true 4K since I only have the base PS4, so I can't wait for the PS5 to finally get the most out of it.

  • @axel

    Honest to goodness, the PS4 Pro games that support 4K look great but it isn't a make or break feature for me. The beauty mostly comes from the TV having really solid colour.

  • @dipset Oh snap, the 50" 2020 version is $698 CAD on Amazon. Awesome new tv to go with my PS5 or keeping my wife and kids? To be continued...

  • Some may consider this dumb but I bought a PS4 Pro because I don't want to wait for PS5 stock to replenish. In the 4 years since PS4 Pro released I never bought one so I thought I may as well and maybe I could sell it when PS5s are more widely available and then acquire one.

  • @jdincinerator

    Do the PS+ Collection sharing thing if you have a buddy with a PS5&PS Plus duo.


    I hate the 4K TVs which are not capable of showing solid images when the source is 1080p and just looks blurry. But this one looks really nice with 1080p too. It's an important thing for the cable channels and some movie/series which are not 4K yet.

  • @jdincinerator I got my friend's PS4 for cheap shortly after they revealed the PS5 for essentially the same reason. I'll be set for at least the next year and a half in terms of backlog games, it's great.

  • Black Friday sales are up on the different console stores, so I picked up a few long overdue titles:

    • Mega Man 11 (Switch): I can't keep pretending to love Mega Man and not play this one
    • Super Bomberman R (Switch): it's dirt cheap now and will be a fun co-op campaign / party game
    • Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (PS4): still need to finish Yakuza 5 but might as well get it while on sale
    • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4): Thronebreaker sold me on the world and writing, I finally need to give it a shot. I'll probably wait for the PS5 version though at this point, this is just a way to claim it for cheap

    Just when my backlog was beginning to breathe...

  • Xbox is giving away £4, for whatever reason, so I went looking for something cheap on the black Friday sales and got Metal Gear Rising. So now I have a back log of 1001 games. Great.

    Always wanted to play because Platinum but never pulled the trigger because Kojima. Going to start it soon. Just after I'm done with Dead Space 3.

  • @phbz how'd you get that?

  • Bought Ni No Kuni II and Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition on the Black Friday sales. Another two big games to add to my backlog. I might also buy Mortal Shell and/or Elder Scroll Online.

  • @paulmci27 Had a message from MS. Don't know what's the criteria though.

  • My Xbox Series X just arrived in the post.

    Gen 9 complete. feels nice :3
    0_1607051222754_ps5 series x switch.jpg

  • Just got my collectors edition of Fire Emblem on the NES

    people who said it wasn't worth the full retail price are stupid. it's so nice. really big and thick hardcover artbook and the NES cartridge is like a Glass Trophy it's so cool!!!

  • @yoshi no cart though, right? That’s why I couldn’t do it.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern you get a digital download code for the game on switch.

    a giant thick art book, a nintendo power post, a map and manual for the game, and a replica NES cartidge box with an NES sleeve and a glass NES cartridge that is made to look like a crystal trophy of the game of sorts.

    it looks really fancy and would go well on any collectors shelf.

    don't really need a physical switch cart of it.

  • 0_1607169597076_FB_IMG_1607169580150.jpg

  • You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?