What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • Just got my collectors edition of Fire Emblem on the NES

    people who said it wasn't worth the full retail price are stupid. it's so nice. really big and thick hardcover artbook and the NES cartridge is like a Glass Trophy it's so cool!!!

  • @yoshi no cart though, right? That’s why I couldn’t do it.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern you get a digital download code for the game on switch.

    a giant thick art book, a nintendo power post, a map and manual for the game, and a replica NES cartidge box with an NES sleeve and a glass NES cartridge that is made to look like a crystal trophy of the game of sorts.

    it looks really fancy and would go well on any collectors shelf.

    don't really need a physical switch cart of it.

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  • You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

  • First step to -small- upgrade:

    alt text

  • @yoshi just downloaded on Wii U so I always have a digital version ready to go. In my personal top 5 games of all time.

  • Wisdom, Courage, Power.
    The Triforce is complete!


  • Just picked up the Season Pass for Batman Arkham Knight, it's currently on sale for 5€. I've been wanting an excuse to dive back into the game so this will be perfect, might even motivate me to get all the Riddler trophies and unlock the true ending.

  • Got complementary items for my GOTYs. This might be the fastest international shipment I ever got recently, last time I ordered something I had to wait 3 months.


  • @axel

    You did good. Even though DLC stories are short, they are still fun; especially Batgirl's and Season of Infamy missions. Also, challange maps are really fun even though I hate how none other than Batman can disarm baton sticks, weapons and shields so after a while you stuck.


    I'm getting ready for the new gen with slow but steady pace and planning to get a new hardware every month until the end of summer while still playing the game I have on my backlog.


    Where did you get the Part II artbook? Amazon?

  • @scotty yeah, it's from Amazon

  • used a JB Hifi voucher to get myself a discounted $120 worth of Nintendo eshop credit at jbhifi.

    proceeded to buy DOOM 2016 & DOOM eternal off the eshop. while i was there Hades and Cuphead were also on special because of boxing day so i picked up those from the eshop as well

    also just picked up 6 months of xbox gamepass ultimate for 30% off from EB. not too shabby.

  • I'd had this on my Amazon wishlist for a really long time but it was hard to pull the trigger on and impulse buy. So for Christmas, my girlfriend surprised me with a little Futaba to root for me at my desk while I'm working on stuff (with my Catherine sheep and Kapp'n)



  • Plane tickets to Tokyo

  • Both Zelda Oracle games on 3DS eshop. Tried to go back to Phantom Hourglass after a long layoff and have no clue what to do. Think I will play these then restart PH eventually.

  • I bought 9 different games in these sales season from Epic and Steam! I should stop doing it again until the summer sales and focus on to finishing these games first.

  • After fiddling with Dreams and Korg Gadget, I want to get a bit more serious in music production, so I got this MIDI controller (Akai MPK Mini MK3).


  • My Employer's CEO just gave me and all the other employees a gift voucher for value of 100 Euros or $175 Australian to reward us all for hard work we put in as Essential workers during 2020

    going to help pay off some preorders like Mario 3D world + Bowsers Fury and Monster Hunter Rise with this. :)

  • I had this dumb shirt idea for a while, and only got around to getting it printed just now. Don't mind the stains...