What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • @Faaip He's a birman. He was very dehydrated and is mostly just skin and bones but the vet fortunately said that he'll recover with proper care.

    I am so sorry to hear about the kitty that you saved, it's heartbreaking. :(
    I hope that you find one that'll be healthy and love you very much.

  • @crimilde Thanks, I'd love to get a cat when I'm more settled, probably through siamese rescue

  • Someday I'll own a cat again. Last and only one was largely a street cat adopted straight from my neighborhood streets. One day he just never came back home.

    alt text

    Also picked this up for just $12 and change including shipping. Now I just need the season pass to go on sale again. Gonna love flying an X-Wing/Tie Fighter again. As I only got to rent this game for one day before my Gamefly $1 a month subscription ended.

  • Bought TLoU Remastered for $10. While I have it digitally I had kept the steelbook that came with my PS3 copy. Been meaning to get a physical copy the the remastered version to fill it.
    Also ordered Homefront The Revolution since it was also $10

  • A new SSD and 16GB of RAM for my laptop. A Pair of 6TB WD Red drives and a new RAID controller for my server.

  • Not in the mood to make pics, it's too hot and I'm still mad I had to do this.

    Got a new PS4 because my old one died 2 days ago, luckily Amazon germany had a special bundle where you get a new PS4 + Uncharted 4 for only 270€, the cheapest PS4 offer I could find, all other options costs more without the game.
    My old model was a 1116A, this is a 1216A, 500GB.
    While playing Neptunia VII on tuesday my old one suddenly started to get so loud I thought someone mows the lawn outside, I turned it off and on again and it worked fine but when I came back home wedesday and turned it on again the light stayed blue and I got no signal on my TV, couldn't even access safety mode which means all my saves are gone >_>

    Also got No Man's Sky, I personally only payed 37€, it was 5% off and my brother (who is deeply in love with it) gave me 20€ as birthday present.

  • Well I haven't bought anything just yet but I got enough money saved up to buy Playstation Neo, Morpheus, a new monitor and mobile. I am just waiting for it to all be released which is October.

  • After thinking for a while about it and eventually realizing that Okami HD didn't even got a retail version in the US (I thought it did) I bought the Capcom Playstation Bundle. While I would have prefered retail 360 versions of Lost Planet 3 and Remember Me, you can't beat this amount of games for only 15 bucks.
    alt text
    alt text

  • Hopped on the Wii U wagon, I don't often get console bundles as I usually prefer to suss out just the console as I find if you wait long enough you can often find just the console you are looking for at way below the going rate, but, as with most Nintendo games, the Wii U exclusives haven't really fallen in value whether you are buying new or used.

    With that being said, I ended up picking up a 32GB Wii U (however I'm using a spare 500GB portable HDD I had laying around for digital content) and the following games:

    Funky Barn,
    Lego Batman 2,
    Lego City Undercover,
    Pikmin 3,
    Scribblenauts Unlimited,
    Super Mario 3D World,
    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker,
    New Super Mario Bros U,
    Windwaker HD,
    Yoshi's Wooly World,
    Mario Party 10,
    Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed,
    Bayonetta 1 + 2

    And a Bosman favorite, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.

    A lot of the filler games were part of the console bundle, and I bought a few of the necessitates separately (Bayo 1+2, Pikmin 3 and DK)

    Overall, I'm enjoying the little time I've had with it so far, however most of my time has been dedicated to MK8 online multiplayer, very excited to get stuck into DK soon though.

  • @AdamArcade Get The Wonderful 101!!!

  • Banned

    I just got not to lond a go a new levono laptop a wireless mouse, a wifi extender. Also just ordered some TFZ iem's. Now I'm just saving money. I can't decided yet. New guns or UHD TV, and PS4 Neo. Its hard. I don't live in California any more so my options for guns is way better now and prices too. Alse thought about doing a new gaming pc build.

  • DS3 img

    Finally finished Bloodborne recently so I picked up Arkham Knight when it was on sale on PSN the other week and picked up Dark Souls 3.

    Just beat the Curse Rotted Oak last night and really digging both of them!

  • You can currently get Tropico 4 for Steam for free on Humble Bundle

  • I grabbed the latest Ace Attorney yesterday, and this today:

    alt text

    I was on the fence about it, but as it had a LE which was actually relatively cheap, I just had to have it.

  • It arrived today! Vita LE <3

    alt text

  • My copy of ReCore arrived today
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Just got Divinity Original Sin when it was half off on Steam. I started playing it over the summer co-op with my friend on his computer and we really dug it so I'm hoping we can connect online now. I also just got some new dictionaries (Eng-Jap and a Kanji dict) to complement my jap-eng dictionary. My new goal is to translate a relatively basic Manga from Japanese to English. I was going to poll my kids to decide which one to try out.

  • Recently got the Dead Rising Triple Pack for Xbone to replay one of my fave series. I said 'one of' but come at me with your hate if you must. I started with DR2 because it's my fave in the series, again, come on with it! Then I was watching Huber stream the 1st game and he got me feeling all that nostalgia and I've been playing it since. I also pre-ordered Mafia 3 and I'm so excited for October 6th 11:59 PM ET to hit so I can begin my final minute ritual. Hopefully there's no day one patch to keep me from playing even longer. It feels like we've been waiting so much longer than we have.

    Digital purchases so I have no pictures.

    Other than that I haven't been spending very much $ as I'm saving for Christmas. My birthday is in April so I haven't received any gifts since then.

  • My copy of MeiQ arrived today
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    With reversable cover as usual for Idea Factory games
    alt text

  • Saw Nights Into Dreams on sale for $5 in the PlayStation Store and figured what the hell. I played this game a lot on my Saturn. Never knew it was on PS3. Turns out to be a great version. They have an HD remaster, the Saturn Original, and Christmas Nights. A really great homage to the original....though I feel the remastered version's controls are a bit off in terms of analog sensitivity.

    Such a short and sweet game. Jolly!

    alt text