What did you just Buy/Receive?

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    Just got home from work to find my Final Fantasy 15, Day one Edition... I CAN'T WAIT! :D

  • Picked up recently

    Ratchet & Clank PS4
    Mortal Kombat XL
    Mad Max
    Wolfinstein The Old Blood
    DBZ Xenoverse

    All holiday sales totaling around $55 dollars. So a pretty good haul this month. Which also includes The Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne.

  • Just got this as a gift

    alt text

    and apparently the special edition of Trails of Cold Steel is as cheap as the regular one, cause I wasn't aware that it was the one I ordered

  • Got Neverwinter Nighs Diamond Edition free on GoG, also Shadow Warrior Classic Redux as I got 3000 points for participating in the fall sale and the last 1000 points through the badges.

  • Bought all my Xmas presents (for myself xD) recently:


    FF XV UCE 2

    FF XV UCE 3

    Pokémon Moon

    A Black Friday buy: Destiny The Collection

    Also pre-purchased Resi 7 and ME: Andromeda too and bought Titanfall 2 for PC digitally :)

  • Actually got this saturday already but the website to redeem the 1st game was not working and I didn't know if it ever will again (it does now), in that case I wouldn't have kept the game. Was planning to get this at release back then but other games had higher priority, but since december is empty (no I don't care about Last Guardian) I looked what I've missed this year and Amazon had it for 40€. Also downloaded Let it Die from PSN, looks like shit imo but it's f2p so might as well.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • My Persona 5 import just got here ...

    STAY STRONG MY KOKORO!!! it's only 4 more months :,(

  • Banned

    Ok i Got
    PS4 Pro
    2016 Vizio M 4K Tv
    Vizio 5.1 sound system
    entertainment center
    and 4 Ps4 games
    Wither Complete
    and Valkircka remaster

  • Before the GoG sale ends I bought Black Mirror 3 (already have 1&2) and Dark Fall 1&2 for around 5 bucks.

  • @Acidtrip-69 You are getting a console, are the end times near?

    Wither Complete
    Valkircka remaster


  • Got this through today :D

    PS4 Pro

    Wasn't planning on getting one but then saw Nioh running at 4k at PSX and decided to go for it.

  • @DisturbedSwan Nice! I'm damn close to buying one myself, but I still have a massive list of 10-15 games from this year to play.

    I'll probably wait to buy a 4K TV+ Scorpio + PS4 Pro in February (Superbowl) or 2018 Superbowl, but I might just stick with my PC.

  • Spent my Christmas bonus on myself haha! not in pic is Pokemon Sun which im saving for Christmas day.


  • Even though I have enough games I haven't finished, I went ahead and got Firewatch and Stardew Valley on PS4 to add onto the pile! I'm probably gonna jump to them soon.

  • Just got Uncharted 4. And a few other things, as an early Christmas present from my mom.

    First time that I recall, where I was happy getting clothes for Christmas. As I was in need of basketball shorts. For workout/playing, and using during the warmer times of the year.

  • I received Final Fantasy XV, Battlefield 1 and Majora's Mask for the 3DS for christmas. I also picked up The Last Guardian, Deus Ex:Mankind Divided and Dishonored 2 in the Janaury Sales with some vouchers. Finally I jumped on Banner Saga, Darkest Dungeon and The Fall in the PSN sales.

    I have been off work with the Flu for the past week so managed to run through the Battlefield 1 campaign, complete Banner Saga and finish off Titanfall 2 campaign I had been holding on to. All great games that I was very luck to be able to play!

  • @Spidarro oooh、The Question is goooood.

  • I got Wolfenstein and Diablo 3 in the holiday PSN sale. I wanted Diablo to play with my boyfriend, and I think we'll both enjoy Wolfenstein, at least once he finishes Just Cause 3, or at least tires of blowing stuff up.

  • @Inustar Yeah ive been meaning to give it a go for a long time now cos ive heard good things about it. Really hard to find though so could only get vol. 2 and 5 of the Dennis O'Neil run which is meant to be great.

  • A Samsung 55KS8000

    It's glorious.