What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • @Stormcrownn said in What did you just Buy/Recieved:

    Sennheiser HD 700s (Headphone Upgrade)
    Just Cause 3 (Steam Sale)
    Tropico 5 (Steam Sale)
    Arma 3 Bundle (Steam Sale)
    Hearts of Iron IV (Paradox is amazing)

    My wallet is hurting, but my ears are in heaven. And the Communist States of America will crush all opposition.

    That i a good selection of games. I bought Metal Gear 5 and Transformers Devastation from ebay just a few mins ago.

  • @Musou-Tensei Well that sucks. Took a while before Bloodborne officially dropped in price over here. I've been waiting since December where it dropped to $20 just before Christmas. Then it went back up to $40 new outside of a few small discounts on Amazon.

    Bummer though that the Bloodborne GOTY edition wasn't released in the USA. So the Old Hunters DLC will have to be a separate purchase at some point.

  • From the Steam sale:
    Valkyria Chronicles (Because I'm too lazy to play my PS3 copy)
    Pillars of Eternity
    Jet Set Radio
    Car Mechanic Simulator 2015

    And besides that I picked up a new 7 set of dice for a D&D campaign I'm going to be hosting soon!

  • well this is fun, this week I picked up Grand Kingdom for PS4, got the newest single issue of Star Wars Darth Vader and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, also snagged the Ultimates trade paper back.

  • Steam Sales always get me. I picked up Stacking, Beyond Good and Evil, and Papers Please. There wasn't an eshop sale, but I was in the mood for cheap games so I also bough Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG. Feel pretty good about those purchases. Besides that I bought some new music (Brave Girls, Sonamoo, Kisum, and Pledis Girlz). Summer has been good to Kpop. As you can see, purchases kind of chain together for me. Also a box of frosted flakes.

  • Bought a few games and game dev software in the Steam Summer sale. The highlights being Subnautica and Else Heart.Break().

    I also took advantage of the discounts on Steam hardware and grabbed a Steam Link and Controller! Both of which should be with me next week. My plan is to use them as a test bed for getting setup with a "proper" gaming PC again.

  • I'm in the process of upgrading my stock Ibanez RG8, so I've recently bought:

    • Hipshot Griplock Locking Tuners for 8 String
    • 2 500K Potentiometers
    • 5 Way Switch for HH configuration
    • Extended Guitar Jack

    Otherwise I'm saving for the remaining two components I still need (Hipshot Bridge and DiMarzio D-Activator Humbuckers).

  • alt text

    I just preordered this :) So happy I can't wait! It was a bit tough because it took longer for it to be available in Europe

  • I used some free credits from the Sony E3 swag and picked up The Witcher III Season Pass and Risk.

    I have been meaning to get back into The Witcher and this seems like a good opportunity with Blood and Wine just having come out and it getting good reviews. I don't know that I'm ever going to finish this game, but I'll put some Polish money into CDPR's hands for making good games.

  • @KenshoD said in What did you just Buy/Recieved:

    alt text

    I just preordered this :) So happy I can't wait! It was a bit tough because it took longer for it to be available in Europe

    Wow. That is one beautiful collectors edition!

  • Not exactly recent but last thing I bought was when the 2017 release date for P5 was announced, in my depression/rage I considered buying overwatch, but I decided it would take too much time and money.

    So instead I spent more money getting:

    Dragon Quest Heroes
    Drakengard 3
    Danganronpa 2
    Virtue's Last Reward

    and of course preordering P5 limited edition.

  • A single banana.

  • @parasitepaladin said in What did you just Buy/Recieved:

    A single banana.

    you god damn madman

  • Learning how and why the censorship is applied in God Eater 1 that comes as free download with God Eater 2 and at the same time the removed content from the western PSP version is added in back, I just pre-ordered God Eater 2 Rage Burst for PS4.

  • @HylianMigz Can't stop. Will not stop. Potassium for life.

  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  • Bought a copy of Zero Time Dilemma for 3DS, bought it on Steam as well. Anything to support Zero Escape, really.

    Also, a four-pack of Harbe a Detourne. Incredible beer, by far my find of the year.

  • Was trying to pick between Star Ocean: name too silly to spell correctly and Tokyo Mirage Sessions to scratch the old JRPG itch. Ended up downloading Star Ocean.

    I also picked up Trails in the Sky, but haven't really dumped any time into it.

  • Everyone is picking up Zero Time Dilemma and I just bought 999. ;)

    (Gotta start at the beginning)

  • Got Suikoden I and II on PS store for $6 and placed an unholy pre order for I am Setsuna. Forgive me Jones, for I have sinned.