What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • From the Steam sale:
    Valkyria Chronicles (Because I'm too lazy to play my PS3 copy)
    Pillars of Eternity
    Jet Set Radio
    Car Mechanic Simulator 2015

    And besides that I picked up a new 7 set of dice for a D&D campaign I'm going to be hosting soon!

  • well this is fun, this week I picked up Grand Kingdom for PS4, got the newest single issue of Star Wars Darth Vader and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, also snagged the Ultimates trade paper back.

  • Steam Sales always get me. I picked up Stacking, Beyond Good and Evil, and Papers Please. There wasn't an eshop sale, but I was in the mood for cheap games so I also bough Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG. Feel pretty good about those purchases. Besides that I bought some new music (Brave Girls, Sonamoo, Kisum, and Pledis Girlz). Summer has been good to Kpop. As you can see, purchases kind of chain together for me. Also a box of frosted flakes.

  • Bought a few games and game dev software in the Steam Summer sale. The highlights being Subnautica and Else Heart.Break().

    I also took advantage of the discounts on Steam hardware and grabbed a Steam Link and Controller! Both of which should be with me next week. My plan is to use them as a test bed for getting setup with a "proper" gaming PC again.

  • I'm in the process of upgrading my stock Ibanez RG8, so I've recently bought:

    • Hipshot Griplock Locking Tuners for 8 String
    • 2 500K Potentiometers
    • 5 Way Switch for HH configuration
    • Extended Guitar Jack

    Otherwise I'm saving for the remaining two components I still need (Hipshot Bridge and DiMarzio D-Activator Humbuckers).

  • alt text

    I just preordered this :) So happy I can't wait! It was a bit tough because it took longer for it to be available in Europe

  • I used some free credits from the Sony E3 swag and picked up The Witcher III Season Pass and Risk.

    I have been meaning to get back into The Witcher and this seems like a good opportunity with Blood and Wine just having come out and it getting good reviews. I don't know that I'm ever going to finish this game, but I'll put some Polish money into CDPR's hands for making good games.

  • @KenshoD said in What did you just Buy/Recieved:

    alt text

    I just preordered this :) So happy I can't wait! It was a bit tough because it took longer for it to be available in Europe

    Wow. That is one beautiful collectors edition!

  • Not exactly recent but last thing I bought was when the 2017 release date for P5 was announced, in my depression/rage I considered buying overwatch, but I decided it would take too much time and money.

    So instead I spent more money getting:

    Dragon Quest Heroes
    Drakengard 3
    Danganronpa 2
    Virtue's Last Reward

    and of course preordering P5 limited edition.

  • A single banana.

  • @parasitepaladin said in What did you just Buy/Recieved:

    A single banana.

    you god damn madman

  • Learning how and why the censorship is applied in God Eater 1 that comes as free download with God Eater 2 and at the same time the removed content from the western PSP version is added in back, I just pre-ordered God Eater 2 Rage Burst for PS4.

  • @HylianMigz Can't stop. Will not stop. Potassium for life.

  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  • Bought a copy of Zero Time Dilemma for 3DS, bought it on Steam as well. Anything to support Zero Escape, really.

    Also, a four-pack of Harbe a Detourne. Incredible beer, by far my find of the year.

  • Was trying to pick between Star Ocean: name too silly to spell correctly and Tokyo Mirage Sessions to scratch the old JRPG itch. Ended up downloading Star Ocean.

    I also picked up Trails in the Sky, but haven't really dumped any time into it.

  • Everyone is picking up Zero Time Dilemma and I just bought 999. ;)

    (Gotta start at the beginning)

  • Got Suikoden I and II on PS store for $6 and placed an unholy pre order for I am Setsuna. Forgive me Jones, for I have sinned.

  • I bought a cheeeeeeseburger from da local street food stall

    it was a lil too raw for my taste

    sad day.

  • My younger sister bought me this morning Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition on Steam as a late Christmas Gift... Yup... I appreaciate the game, but the over 6 month delay...