What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • I bought the worlds 1-6 of Super Mario Run, for my Android phone. It's the first mobile game I buy since when I was a teen, I'm enjoying it so far.

  • Everything from the past two weeks or so.
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  • Pre-Ordered the digital deluxe edition for

    alt text

    And got my Cayde-6 figure pre-order bonus from Gamestop

    alt text

    Just waiting for the gameplay reveal and beta. In the meantime, I'm playing the Age of Triumph update. Getting the digital version since it makes loading and switching games so much easier. And the deluxe edition to save money on the season pass as a day one buyer, who plans to pour hundreds on hours into D2 if its good.

  • Didn't buy it but won a steam code for Macbat 64 in a giveaway on The Gaming Ground.
    alt text

  • @Musou-Tensei How many games have you managed to beat this year Musou.

  • @-Jak-
    5 games.

  • A year's Xbox Live subscription because I may have forgotten to cancel auto renew >.<

  • @thenerdtheword I had a bad experience with the auto renew crap on the Xbox 360. I brought the 3 month live subscription with my debit card, not knowing you had to call for cancellation. And when you did call, the representative will offer a deal thats hard to resist. So the promotion was pretty much a sales hook if you paid with your personal card, instead of Live points.

    But then you see how little you've played during the extended period you paid for. And make damn sure you cancel in advance, by not caring about whatever time you had left on the subscription. Your situation sounds like its a tough pill to swallow as its for the whole year.

  • i just bought pizza. :3

  • bought uncharted collection for 5 bucks at a salvation army

  • Buckled and picked up Breath of the Wild. Not sure how this is gonna end. Will definitely either sing its praises or complain endlessly in a few days either way.

  • @-Jak- especially hard when at this point my Xbox One is more of a Netflix and Amazon Video device than a gaming device. Cancelling auto renew for next year though and I'm looking at it as a year of Games with Gold of which I usually enjoy several of the games during the year.

    UPDATE: I spoke the Microsoft CS, feigned ignorance and managed to get the sub and the charge refunded!

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  • It's Touhou!
    Comes with a little artbook, the downloadable game Double Focus and a reversable cover for it.
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  • :D

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    No regrets for this special edition at all. The Morgana plush is adorable, and I love the soundtrack. Even the school bag is decent, and the big box is pretty sturdy so I can use it to store stuff.

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  • @NeoCweeny I just realized I don't think I've ever seen a PS1 PAL case before... cool.

  • I recently bought Ghost Recon Wildlands for PC. 3 of my coworkers bought the game and we've played together 6 hours straight the last two nights in a row.

    Persona 5 arrived as well today, but I'll probably focus on playing Wildlands with my coworkers, as I haven't gotten a chance to play co-op games with them often.

    To comment on that, I highly recommend switching the difficulty in Wildlands to extreme. It doesn't let you stand out in the open and just shoot guys without cover. More importantly, it takes away the red blobs that tell you where hostiles are.

    It makes you actually look at the buildings, try to figure out where enemies could be hiding, the layout of the base. With the red blobs you just keep scanning until you find them all, you just keep scanning until everyone is marked then you just sit behind cover and pop them one by one because you can see them through walls.

    Also, the sync shot for your AI team works through any solid matter. They don't have to get into position. It's broken enough that I recommend using it sparingly.

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    Finally! cant wait to get my hands dirty with this! :D