What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • Well, I only payed 57€ for this (normal 65€, some even want 70+) so I'm not too mad I had to get a Steelbook, there simply is no standard version right now. I mean it's a nice looking steelbook, I'm simply not a fan of them.
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  • Now that I think of it, I really did spend a lot of money eating at a spanish restaurant. As part of a social event.

    My bill (and tip) for me and my sister's part, was $46 dollars. The food was some of the best quality spanish food I had at a restaurant. But it was costly.

    @Musou-Tensei I don't like steel books either. Don't see the appeal. And its harder to remove the discs.

  • @-Jak- This one gives you the disk pretty easy though, but yeah some Steelbooks in the past really made me worried I might break the disk.

  • @Musou-Tensei The P5 steel book is the only one I own. Granted I only got it since it was part of the collector's edition, but it's definitely the nicest one I've seen.
    @Jak Yeah, the P5 steel book is pretty easy to take the disk out.

  • Oh yes

    alt text

  • @NeoCweeny NICE! Love the Wild ARMs series. Great choice.

  • Just bought the entire Dragon Ball Z, Ghost in the Shell and Akira manga series. It's gonna be a good Easter.

  • Just bought myself an NES Mini with a 2nd Controller.

    EB Australia restocked them online :3

  • @Yoshi was it a third party controller?

  • @edsortiz nope official Nintendo one.

    apparently this is going to be Australias last restock shipment of NES Minis

  • @Yoshi Wow... I cant find an official one anywhere...besides them damned scalpers on ebay

  • Went to the movies since it was my first day off in months, nice theatre too had reclineing chairs which was a nice surprise. Afterwards treated myself to a damn good steakhouse.

  • @edsortiz yeah i think it's much easier for Nintendo to restock Australia because we don't have a population anywhere near as big as the US does, and also because we're right near Japan on the globe.

    so given our low population level, its much easier for them to judge exactly how many NES mini units they need to allocate to over here and where abouts in the country the stock should be allocated. whereas the US has like 50 states to decide stock levels for lol

  • also just got this in the mail today. found it extremely cheap preowned while i was surfing EB's website last week at just $18 australian. usually the game goes for like $60 on ebay because it's so niche

    alt text

    now i just gotta buy myself NMH2 before the Switch NMH game comes out and/or goes up in price on ebay :3

  • @Yoshi its weird its rare there, here in Canada that's like a 6 buck game at eb games

  • @DisturbedSwan How is the Platinum headset compared to the Gold? I've also had the Gold for about 3 years and I'm not going to upgrade just yet, but hey, doesn't hurt to know.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    They're pretty good, the fit isn't quite as comfy as the Gold's, I've got quite a big head and the rubber strap on top of the Plats can rub against my scalp and cause a bit of discomfort in long play sessions, but it's not an issue as long as you adjust them effectively before putting them on, if you don't have a big head it's a non-issue from what I've heard too.

    As for audio, I'm no audiophile but they definitely sound a slight step-up from the Gold's to me, sound seems to have more depth to it and you can hear the quieter sounds in much more detail and with greater richness, wouldn't say the bass is quite as strong as the Gold's though but it's a much more balanced sound overall.

    Not tried them with any of the PS4 Headset App's presets yet though, so that may pump up the bass etc. for certain games like it did with the Gold's, also not tried the 3D Sound as Uncharted 4 is the only game that uses it.

    Where it strides ahead though is build quality, the Gold's were good enough and lasted me 3 years but these feel sturdy enough to go on for way longer than that with better metal hinges and the aluminium band across the top.

    So yeah, maybe they're a little overpriced, and they aren't a huge step-up in sound quality from the Gold's but for build quality and longevity the Plat's definitely worth the extra bit of cash if your Gold's break whenever, but I probably couldn't really recommend running out and upgrading before then really.

  • I couldn't resist and bought The Disney Afternoon Collection on PSN, those 6 games are imo the pinnacle of Disney games.
    Love the extras like Boss rush, what's especially cool is that you can actually watch the runs of the top 50 in Boss rush and speedrun and learn from the best basically.
    For those who don't know, this is a collection of NES ports that come with a save function (whenever you want) and an instant rewind function (not for speedrun and boss rush of course) like some Rare Replay games have.
    The games are
    DuckTales 1
    DuckTales 2
    Darkwing Duck (my personal favorite)
    Chip 'n Dale 1
    Chip 'n Dale 2
    Talespin (imo the weakest game here, but not bad.)

    Just sad it isn't getting a retail release.

  • @Musou-Tensei Out of all these, I think I only played DuckTales and Chip 'n Dale as a kid, and loved them! I didn't even know they each had a sequel. It's going to be pretty hard to resist a nostalgic impulse buy!

  • @Musou-Tensei said in What did you just Buy/Receive?:

    For those who don't know, this is a collection of NES ports that come with a save function (whenever you want) and an instant rewind function (not for speedrun and boss rush of course) like some Rare Replay games have.

    how much is the collection and is it available physically