What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • is Zelda Four Swords Adventures for the gamecube enjoyable with just 1 player and a GC controller?

    i can see a good deal on the PAL version of the game on ebay that i might pick up. i can't be bothered finding my own GBA Cable or buying myself a new one let alone finding 3 other people to sit down and play the game with me.

    just want to know if that games still enjoyable with 1 person or really should be played with others?

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  • @Yoshi
    A little, although its also kinda depressing playing it alone. Like playing tag by yourself.

  • @DMCMaster fair enough. i had one of my friends who's a massive zelda fan tell me this ones still great so i i'll buy it now. usually PAL copies of this game are anywhere from $200 into the $300 range Australian and at the moment the same seller i got Fire Emblem from is selling Zelda FSA for only $125 Australian with free postage which i reckons a pretty good deal :)

  • Horizon Zero Dawn, and Nier Automata.

    I intended to get Tales of Berseria, but due to Target's B2G1 policy, I only got $43.xx to spend. The game is still $59.99 new. I need to price match this b---.

  • @Carlos Tales is the most underated game of the year.Hope you get to it after but Nier is a 10

  • @FutureCorpse said in What did you just Buy/Receive?:

    @Carlos Tales is the most underated game of the year.Hope you get to it after but Nier is a 10

    I know, here's the thing though. When the B2G1 deal went down, the game (Tales) has been out for 3 months already, and is still - STILL $59.99 by this time, and it still is!

  • Wait for a sale, but if you like the tales series its a must buy. Great cast & battle system (play on hard) I was suprised how much i loved it.

  • Just ordered Gyo.......I'm probably going to avoid the beach for a bit after reading it.

  • Just ordered the "Your Name" bluray from Amazon Japan since it does include the english subtitles

  • justt bought Mario Party 3 off of ebay.

    remember being 9 years old and begging mum to buy it for me but she wouldn't and then i was so mad when it ended up becoming one of the most rare and expensive N64 games out there. 16 years later and i've finally bought it for myself lol

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  • @NeoCweeny how come some of the UK N64 boxes have black boarders around the boxes?

    i don't remember any of the Australian PAL copies having black boarders around our N64 games when i was growing up

  • @Yoshi I think all the first party N64 games have it. Majora's Mask is the only one I can think of that doesn't.

  • Bought a 2004 honda foreman 450 been haveing fun going around the woods around home went and picked some fiddleheads today.

  • Bought some Felt from Malta on eBay to protect my Switch's screen when docked:
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  • After listening to the songs he uploaded on youtube a lot I decided to spend 10 bucks on DoctorRandomercam's album Pushing the Envelope on Bandcamp. 1st time I ever bought something there.

    Also downloaded the free to play remaster of Phantom Dust, an Xbox game that sadly was never released in PAL regions.

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    Just got these three, Xenoblade Chronicles X will probably be a very fancy dust collector for some years to come.

    Nier I feel like I need to play it right now, but I don't want to juggle it at the same time as Trails of Cold Steel 2, so I'll probably try it after beating that, if I don't give into temptation and decide to play P5 again that is.

    Steins Gate I know nothing about other than some people love it, I'll probably look into it soon as something I can look into leisurely.

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    These Ice creams are amazing. Very unique flavors with high quality ingredients. And Dairy free, with Coconut milk as a substitute.

    I've had the Wildflower Honey Pistachio. Mint Caco Chip, which has a strong peppermint flavor mixed with Vanilla. And the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. My favorite is probably the Cookie Dough. Gonna have to try the other flavors, particularly the Cookie Butter.

  • Just Bought a VIP Ticket to The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses which was just announced over the weekend to be coming to my City in Australia for the first time ever!

    because i got a VIP Ticket it means i get to do a meet and greet with the orchestra. maybe even Koji Kondo, The Legend of Zeldas Music Composer!!! sooo excited as the last time they came to Australia like 5 or 6 years ago they only went to Sydney!. fuck those guys though this time they're coming to Perth and Melboure Haha
    0_1495542412989_Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Art.jpg