What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • @NeoCweeny how come some of the UK N64 boxes have black boarders around the boxes?

    i don't remember any of the Australian PAL copies having black boarders around our N64 games when i was growing up

  • @Yoshi I think all the first party N64 games have it. Majora's Mask is the only one I can think of that doesn't.

  • Bought a 2004 honda foreman 450 been haveing fun going around the woods around home went and picked some fiddleheads today.

  • Bought some Felt from Malta on eBay to protect my Switch's screen when docked:
    alt text

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  • After listening to the songs he uploaded on youtube a lot I decided to spend 10 bucks on DoctorRandomercam's album Pushing the Envelope on Bandcamp. 1st time I ever bought something there.

    Also downloaded the free to play remaster of Phantom Dust, an Xbox game that sadly was never released in PAL regions.

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    Just got these three, Xenoblade Chronicles X will probably be a very fancy dust collector for some years to come.

    Nier I feel like I need to play it right now, but I don't want to juggle it at the same time as Trails of Cold Steel 2, so I'll probably try it after beating that, if I don't give into temptation and decide to play P5 again that is.

    Steins Gate I know nothing about other than some people love it, I'll probably look into it soon as something I can look into leisurely.

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    These Ice creams are amazing. Very unique flavors with high quality ingredients. And Dairy free, with Coconut milk as a substitute.

    I've had the Wildflower Honey Pistachio. Mint Caco Chip, which has a strong peppermint flavor mixed with Vanilla. And the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. My favorite is probably the Cookie Dough. Gonna have to try the other flavors, particularly the Cookie Butter.

  • Just Bought a VIP Ticket to The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses which was just announced over the weekend to be coming to my City in Australia for the first time ever!

    because i got a VIP Ticket it means i get to do a meet and greet with the orchestra. maybe even Koji Kondo, The Legend of Zeldas Music Composer!!! sooo excited as the last time they came to Australia like 5 or 6 years ago they only went to Sydney!. fuck those guys though this time they're coming to Perth and Melboure Haha
    0_1495542412989_Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Art.jpg

  • @Yoshi
    I doubt Kondo will be there, I've got the VIP ticket the last two times they came to my town, and it was just meeting the conducter, the members of the orchestra, some goodies from the gift shop, and the guy who setup the concert.
    Then again I could be wrong I mean last time Vide Games Live ( Yes I know two completely different concerts, let alone organizers) came to town, Gerad Marino (God of War), the guy behind the Uncharted theme, and Akira Yamoka (Silent Hill) All showed up to play and conduct the music they made, so that ended up being a great surprise.

    Anyway bought the "Your Name" novel, also got front row seats for VGL's next concert in my town, and I got them for $45

  • ah damn. will still be fantastic to meet

  • I got Starpoint Gemini 2 and its add on Origins for free on Steam, I mean it's free (till tomorow) so why not?

  • @Yoshi
    And its still a fantastic show (certainly worth the money to see it regardless of seat), and if I remember right the shows around August or September usually start adding in music from whatever the most recent game is

  • Niiiiiice because our show is on september 3rd :D

  • I just bought 5 gifts to add to my package for the allies. I'm very excited to send it.

  • Just bought The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition on GOG for 16 bucks, seems like a good deal to me :P, hopefully I'll get to it sometime soon.

  • Me as a kid: "Dad your coin collection is so dumb."

    Me as an adult: "These three pieces of cardboard are absolutely worth ten dollars."

    Sorry the image quality is garbo.

    I don't even play the card game that much, and when I do it's just online. But I dig these little things and I need more.

  • alt text

    There's a good chance these will be my last two 3DS games ever, unless Ever Oasis turns out to be great!

  • alt text

  • @binarymelon you my friend have amazing taste!