What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • Bought a copy of Zero Time Dilemma for 3DS, bought it on Steam as well. Anything to support Zero Escape, really.

    Also, a four-pack of Harbe a Detourne. Incredible beer, by far my find of the year.

  • Was trying to pick between Star Ocean: name too silly to spell correctly and Tokyo Mirage Sessions to scratch the old JRPG itch. Ended up downloading Star Ocean.

    I also picked up Trails in the Sky, but haven't really dumped any time into it.

  • Everyone is picking up Zero Time Dilemma and I just bought 999. ;)

    (Gotta start at the beginning)

  • Got Suikoden I and II on PS store for $6 and placed an unholy pre order for I am Setsuna. Forgive me Jones, for I have sinned.

  • I bought a cheeeeeeseburger from da local street food stall

    it was a lil too raw for my taste

    sad day.

  • My younger sister bought me this morning Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition on Steam as a late Christmas Gift... Yup... I appreaciate the game, but the over 6 month delay...

  • @-Jak- said in What did you just Buy/Recieved:

    alt text

    And some Manuka honey. On the pricey side at $25 bucks for this not so big jar. But Manuka honey is on the expensive side in the USA. And this product has done some wonders in my acne control regiment.

    I love Manuka honey so much! How do you mean it does wonders? Just a spoonful a day?

  • @Hesperus I apply it to my skin. Particularly my face and shoulders. Or anywhere else where I may have acne.

    Its a smooth raw honey that isn't crystallized. So it's gentle on my skin, with great healing and anti-bacteria properties. So now, I don't have to use chemical based prescription medicines that don't work as good or at all. And instead of taking Minocycline, I also discovered vitamin D supplements (when taken with magnesium rich foods) naturally reduce skin oil production. And those two things have become the main two aspects of my acne control regiment.

  • I Bought Technomancer on PS4

  • bought:
    Steam: Deus Ex and Baldur's Gate 2
    Xbox One: Mars War Logs and Tomb Raider Legends (someday will be BC). Not sure about buying Flame and the Flood and/or Oxenfree.

  • An excellent schnitzel sandwich, just like my grandmother used to make.

  • I bought Momodora III from the Steam Sale.

  • I bought Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ (English)

  • Hm, now that Gaming and General Dicussion are seperated, and this obe landed in GD, for some reason, should we make another one of these threads in GG which would be only for game purchases?

    Anyway since it's not getting a PAL retail release for some reason and Play-Asia was selling it for around 20€ I got
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    My 1st XB1 US import.

  • I recently received these when my parents came back from the US.

    alt text

  • Just got the Callie and Marie amiibos today. They are really awesome looking, great detail, very neat figures. Their in game uses for Splatoon are pretty underwhelming, but I was in it for the figures themselves anyway. And I'm sure they will have a use in other games down the line.

  • alt text
    I got this impressive action figure. It's so cool!

  • @ChaoticMeltdown That's an awesome assortment og games you got there.

    @parasitepaladin Nice Raoh figure.

  • @Sheria How is it? It looks pretty neat.

    @Musou-Tensei Thanks man. I saw it and couldn't possibly pass it up.

  • Yesterday dropped a good bit of cash on some 80s comics I've been wanting for a while and a new mousmat for my work desk and last week i picked up Twilight Princess HD which I'm really enjoying going through again.
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