What did you just Buy/Receive?

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    A relative asked me to get Wildlands to play with him. So I rented a copy. And one day of playing with two him and clan buddies of mine. Gives me the feeling we could be playing this for a chunk of the summer.

    My mom ended up buying me this game for helping around the house. Will say the deluxe edition, is probably the worst extra $20 in bonus content. Other than the XP booster. The gun and stuff is practically garbage.

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  • Took me a while to get a copy since it's not officially released in germany and even my import shops couldn't get it, yesterday though my local gameshop finally called me and today I picked it up.
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    Not gaming related but I'm always buying new sunglasses

  • Imported A Silent Voice

  • I just bought Final Fantasy Anthology, Final Fantasy Origins, Final Fantasy IX, and Final Fantasy Tactics in my ongoing goal of owning some form of a physical copy of all main line Final Fantasy games.

  • Playing catch-up, I bought Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, The Last Guardian, and the Evil Within the other day. I also told myself I was gonna wait on the Zelda DLC til closer to Pack 2 coming out, but then a friend asked me about it and I caved.

  • I saw that GoG sells the 1st System Shock (Enhanced Edition but you get the original as well) for less than 2 bucks and since I have the 2nd game already I bought it... ugh I hate myself for that moment of weakness, kinda want to stop buying games on PC completely tbh, well at least it wasn't on Steam.
    Also got a Double Dragon Trilogy as gift for buying something.

  • PSN in europe has a sale that actually has some good prices for once (these offers end in 2 hours but there are others)
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    Before you wonder why not Wonder Boy in Monster World (also available for 1,99), I have a CiB copy of it that plays just fine on my Retron 5 (and Mega Drive too of course), no need to rebuy.

  • Just managed to buy a Switch. I refused to pay scalpers or buy bundles with a ton of stuff I don't want thrown in so I'm pumped. I was planning on getting one for Mario Odyssey at some point [and that was before E3 where it blew my expectations out of the water], but after E3 I knew Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was a game that I needed in my life. I'll probably pick up Bomberman shortly as well since I love Bomberman and need a game.

  • In anticipation of Ace Combat 7 I decided to get the whole series (minus the real world crap like Horizon) as they all are rather easy to get.

    1st up of course the original cheap used copy from ebay.

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    Still a lot of fun.

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  • Wasn't expecting this so soon as it came from the UK and I bought it the same day as Air Combat
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    Except residue from some sticker that was on the manual it's in mint condition.

  • Just got back from a convention. Got a bunch of Weiss Schwarz stuff.

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  • @parasitepaladin I have now immediately gone in search of chocolate banana Pocky. So thanks for that.

  • Since it is currently on sale for 4,99€ on PSN in europe, I bought the Mega Man Legacy Collection.

  • Since it was on sale on PSN for 7.99$, I bought Ratchet and Clank, the new one.
    It's one of the bf's favourite game series, so it was a gift for him but I started to play it myself. It's a nice cleanser from playing Yakuza.

  • @Inustar You're welcome. I'm here to please/suffer.