What did you just Buy/Receive?

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    Just waiting for October. I don't trust the Walmart employees with a pick up. As they "lost" a huge cat litter box. So I'll wait a few days to get it shipped to my house.

  • Got this in a buy 1 preowned, get 2 free deal at EB Games because what kind of Nintendo Collector would i be if i didn't add this to my Wii Collection?

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  • @-Jak-
    Same, although I dont trust Walmart after witnessing the lack of action from a employee on black Friday, like I know its a shit job and all, but you'd think that 2 people shouting "There's a baby on the floor, back up there's a baby on the floor"

    Anyway managed to snag a SNES Classic pre order, also got Beserk:Band of the Hawk, a couple dozen art books (Dont know why ive been buying a lot of art books lately) a TV Wall mount, Batman:Return of the Caped Crusaders and the 60's Batman bluray set (you may be gone Adam West, but you'll never be forgotten), Prey, Tales of Berseria, Splatoon 2, and "Your Name" import Bluray.
    Note this is just stuff ive ordered over the last few weeks.

  • @DMCMaster Turns out the employees at Walmart thought it was cool to send me half a litter box. And according to reviews, I wasn't the only one to not get something as essential as a bottom tray to hold the litter.

  • When I saw how cheap this copy was going for on Ebay compared to it's usual asking price, I had to jump on it, although I'd prefer to find a good deal on the Super Famicom game.

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  • So my copy of "Your Name" included film cells which I thought was neat

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    Cause who doesn't need a big quality litter box for multiple cats.

    Completely didn't cross my mind to see if I can get a better deal on eBay. Funny enough, the box was shipped from an Amazon warehouse too. Already doing justice by giving more room for 3-4 times more litter than my previous one.

  • @-Jak- I'd love to get a covered litter box but one of my cats is a monster and can't fit into those things.

  • @Inustar There's some user photos on Amazon. Perhaps it could give you an idea if your cat can fit. Along with measurements.


  • @-Jak- yep, not a chance. My cat Twix is pretty tall, and pretty large. Doesn't look like she'd fit comfortably.

  • I just picked up PSVR!

  • Seeing Switch SKUs in the wild is a rare sight, so I precautiously bought one so I won't have to go through the trouble on finding one when I actually need it for the release of Mario Odyssey
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    I'm very surprised on how easy it is to make accounts for different regions, I remember when i made a japan account on PSN I needed a guide.
    The e-shop design is kinda awful though, why didn't they keep the design of the Wii U's? Not even any specific section for demos, it's all just lumped together.

  • @Jigoku-no-Musou Yeah, eShop could definitely use some work. I do appreciate the snappy and responsive interface for everything else, though. Seems almost essential for a handheld.

    I haven't bought any Switch games since Zelda, but it's comforting to know it's ready when I need it.

  • Got these in the mail! I love me some discounts.
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    And it's fine, I havn't played the game for a good while, I'd probably restart anyway.

  • so this arrived in the mail today. it's basically just like that Arts & Artifacts artbook that was made for Zelda's 30th anniversary just this is for Splatoon instead. it's a bloody thick book too with over 300 pages of Art in it :)

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  • Civ VI and all current DLC on Steam. It seems cozy so far...

  • just secured myself a 2nd preorder for one of these. :3

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    Managed to get a ticket for a Zelda concert, been wanting to go to Symphony of the Goddesses for years but it was never in my area, so I'm pretty hyped! Has anyone ever been to one of those?

  • @Axel Probably either or both @DMCMaster and @Yoshi have been to it.