What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • Nice Gundam Blu-Ray's!

    I ordered South Park, but it had some damage on the case. So I decided my backlog did not require me to play it right away and sent it back for a replacement.

    Then Amazon failed to deliver Fire Emblem Fates Conquest to me...

    Soooo... Amazon has been failing me lately. It has happened ever since they switched to the new delivery system with individual drivers instead of UPS

  • @HeyItsThatChris I started utilizing Best Buy after Amazon delivered pre-ordered games two days late a couple of times. I still use Amazon on occasion, but it's nice being able to just pick up a copy in store with the 20% discount on the morning of release. Plus, the 20% discount is for all games, not just pre-orders.

  • @Billy I have gotten games late as well -- especially if the games were preordered within a week or two of release versus a month or longer.

    I have the GCU now as well, but I cannot seem to figure out how to use it. It doesn't seem to be connected to the email I signed up with.

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    We actually had this in stock at my job for weeks. But we weren't allow to sell it. Snatch myself one after talking to some GT buddies. That I may end up regretting not picking it up when I had the chance. Once it was available to purchase.

    Also helped a fellow older gamer get the last one at my job.

    alt text

    On sale for $30 for BF on the PS store. Hope to have time to play it sooner than later. Beating it is another question. I want to finish at least one Persona game in my lifetime.

    alt text

    $40 on Amazon for BF. May snatch another one if it goes on sale again. So I can be good for 2 years.

  • XC2 showed up yesterday...still playing through G.U. though, lol.

  • @Minamik I finished the story of Volume 2 and think I will pause .hack like I would have had to do back then when it was originally released on PS2 (there was like a 6 month gap between each Volume) for Xenoblade 2, just gonna do the mundane completion stuff using my Vita as screen while listen to podcasts and youtube videos which I would do anyway.

  • Samsung galaxy Note 8

  • PAL Tales of Collection complete again.
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  • Just picked up Persona 5 on sale, knowing it's not likely to go lower than $30 anytime soon. I still have a bit of a backlog on my PS4 with Uncharted 4, Wolfenstein 2, and I'm just finishing the tail end of the first Evil Within, so it may be awhile before I can actually play Persona.

  • Managed to find a NEW copy of Shadows of the Damned on PS3 while I was in Florida. Naturally I bought it.

  • @MarkZone I was pretty hesitant getting Persona 5. Since I get paid every two weeks. My last check was relatively small for two weeks of work. And it would be difficult playing an RPG now.

    I sucked it up for the same reason. Its one of the few games that actually will take a while to go on sale again. And I would only be saving a few dollars at best. Meanwhile, a retail copy was still full price on Amazon during the PS Black Friday sale.

  • @-Jak- I think it was just on sale on the PSN store for $30 due to the Game Awards sales.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yea it is till Saturday from what I just read. Same price as BF.

  • I picked up Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted Lost Legacy when they were on sale recently. I'm really excited to get into both of those once I finish Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

  • Yakuza Kiwami 2 arrived a few days earlier then the shipping info said.

  • Dishonored 2
    Wolfenstein The New Order
    Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

    Conflicted with what to play, I wanna play the new ones but the original Odin Sphere is one of my favorite games of all time and I really wanna play this new version.

  • Christmas gifts for the BF!
    I picked up the Nathan Drake collection, Uncharted Lost Legacy, and Dishonored 2 for him since they were on sale.
    Also picked up the first three volumes of Tom King's run on Batman, in addition to the second volume of Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi's Superman run. They are both super good since rebirth.

  • alt text

    Brought these for a kid I know at my church. He hasn't had a working mic as long as I've known him. And his parents got a newborn, so money is tight. So I got him one with my paycheck this week.

    It's probably more comfortable than a similar priced headset I brought a while back.

  • I got F4 on monday already but i forgot to make pics, it was for extremely cheap in some flash sale of a local online store so it was a spontanious purchase, it's less than the season pass alone so I will look over the fact that the DLCs are not on disk, unlike with Skyrim. I am disappointed though for the lack of a reversable cover without all the quotes and the age rating, like the original release had.
    alt text

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  • Got Star Wars Battlefront 2, decided to treat myself for The Last Jedi so I went out to a awesome theatre that's on Disney property, while walking out there were two theatre employees just handing out copies of the deluxe edition for PS4/X1. Think i walked into a promotional event without knowing, either way $80 version of the game for about $18 aint halfbad (about how much I spent on my ticket, drink, and popcorn)