What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • Christmas gifts for the BF!
    I picked up the Nathan Drake collection, Uncharted Lost Legacy, and Dishonored 2 for him since they were on sale.
    Also picked up the first three volumes of Tom King's run on Batman, in addition to the second volume of Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi's Superman run. They are both super good since rebirth.

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    Brought these for a kid I know at my church. He hasn't had a working mic as long as I've known him. And his parents got a newborn, so money is tight. So I got him one with my paycheck this week.

    It's probably more comfortable than a similar priced headset I brought a while back.

  • I got F4 on monday already but i forgot to make pics, it was for extremely cheap in some flash sale of a local online store so it was a spontanious purchase, it's less than the season pass alone so I will look over the fact that the DLCs are not on disk, unlike with Skyrim. I am disappointed though for the lack of a reversable cover without all the quotes and the age rating, like the original release had.
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  • Got Star Wars Battlefront 2, decided to treat myself for The Last Jedi so I went out to a awesome theatre that's on Disney property, while walking out there were two theatre employees just handing out copies of the deluxe edition for PS4/X1. Think i walked into a promotional event without knowing, either way $80 version of the game for about $18 aint halfbad (about how much I spent on my ticket, drink, and popcorn)

  • Injustice 2 and Hellblade. Talk about opposite scales of power fantasy lol. Both quite good so far.

  • Finally the last games I bought on black friday arrived, those would be

    Ys 8
    Yakuza 0
    Mario Odyssey

  • I've bought SteamLink with 90% discount. Really great device if you want to connect your wireless controllers to PC or to connect your PC to your TV. It's not limited to games (if you want to read this forum in your browser on your TV you can) and it works flawlessly. I looked closely at my 4K TV and it was indistinctible from HDMI connection. So highly recommended especially with such discount.

  • Mother Russia Bleeds on PSN

  • A Switch and SMOdyssey! So far I'm loving both!

  • @michemagius said in What did you just Buy/Receive?:

    A Switch and SMOdyssey! So far I'm loving both!

    I want to play Mario Odyssey someday. Maybe when a 2.0 Switch or nice bundle while I have lots of cash to spare. Will get me to pull the trigger.

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    Been waiting a chunk of my life for this opportunity to finally come. Just some of the PC parts I just purchased off Newegg on a limited time deal. On my way to being a PC gamer on a more frequent basis. God willing all the parts work. And I am able to assemble/boot it without much issue.

    Adding Windows (USB drive), Keyboard and mouse pad. My total before mail in rebates was $770. Didn't originally want a big tower as I've fallen for the mini ITX/ATX builds. But I can live with a giant tower paired with these babies for that price.

  • @-Jak- Awesome, welcome to PC gaming. I joined recently enough too.

    This topic might interest you - How to build your own Gaming PC!

  • PC with GTX 1080 Ti, i7 8700K 4.8 ghz, 32 GB DDR4Ram, Asus Rog PG27VQ Monitor

  • @tokeeffe9 Thanks. I originally drew interest in building a PC from my GT days. Learned a lot from the hardware community over there during GT's prime. I'll be certainly referencing a lot of material, once the rest of my parts arrive late next week.

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    Purchased the PC versions of Overwatch, and Destiny 2 with the expansions through the Battlenet sales. Overwatch is cheap. Had to bite the bullet to get D2 though. As I've spend a serious amount of money in recent days. Only going to allow myself to purchase GTA 5 and maybe Cuphead at this point. The latter can wait.

  • @-Jak- I was recently having a discussion with a friend and we were talking about GTA 5. She was positive everyone in the world (who could have interest in the game) had already bought the game. Thank you for giving me proof to prove her wrong 😊

  • RE7 Gold, it will be a while before I get to it.

  • @Inustar I never actually purchased GTA 5. I borrowed a 360 copy from my bro. Beat it. Figured this gen is over, and next gen versions were soon announced . So why bother buying an outdated copy.

    Then I decided to hold out for a PC version. As I missed out on all the cool mods from previous GTA games that add additional replay value. I also never got into the online, so I had little incentive to buy GTA till now.

  • Not too long ago, the Allies decided to stream some DDR (Mario style) and it reminded me that I still have a PS2 and two DDR games. I've been trying to be more active these past few months and what better way than dancing until I'm covered with sweat? Sad to see Red Octane has been out of business for awhile but I still remember all the praise for their pads during the DDR zeitgeist and I was lucky enough to find a few online.

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    I can't wait until next week!

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