What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • @Billy Well I'll tell you I have had a lot of fun playing Kirby's Dream Course with my fiance, and I have enjoyed Donkey Kong Country and Mario World is great. Currently I'm playing Breath of the Wild but after that I am hoping to finally play Earthbound and FFVI

  • @Inustar I was going to recommend Kirby's Dream Course and you beat me to the punch! I honestly think it's one of the best games on the classic, a real shame the Allies either ignore it or pass it up so quickly.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah, we saw it while watching Game Grumps and really wanted to try it. Happily it's just as fun to play.

  • When I saw RGT85's video about the recently released and very cheap Switch version on the e-shop, I did some research and found out that Earth Wars got a physical PS4 release called Earth's Dawn, and for only 10€ more than the digital Switch version I couldn't resist. Also while ordering it I saw Odin Sphere for PS4 being recommended to me, so I thought why not.
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  • Just another PAL release of a Simple 2000 game (no released in the US on PS2, but they got a Gamecube version for some reason we didn't get under the original japanese name Space Raiders), super cheap on ebay, CiB and in great condition.
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  • Used and CiB copy for a whooping 9,99€ incl.shipping on ebay XD
    So far I'm not impressed.
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  • Since this month is rather empty for me personally I decided to pay the 60€ I had to pay for Tokyo Xanadu eX+, a game that could become very rare as PEGI version in the future.
    alt text

    Also the store I ordered it at I guess has bought into the Fidget Spinner fad too much and gave me a free one with the game, th-thanks?
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  • @Musou-Tensei I still don't, and never owned a fidget spinner. From the moment I saw it. I got the drift of a fad that will die out as you have. Surely enough, my now old retail job and everywhere else. Is having a hard time selling their spinner inventory.

  • I bought Shadow of the Colossus, but I won't have time to play it until the end of the month :(

  • @Axel I know that feeling.

  • Stumbled across Rayman Legends on Switch for $20

  • Got a Retro Bit Trio Plus with my tax refund, so great to finally play all my SNES games again

  • Gonna re-visit one of my childhood games

    Also 2 of my favorite games of all time, unfortunately I got the game 1 day early, and can't download Bayo 1 yet... this is why I will always prefer physical releases. Not going for the special edition because it's imo pointless, would have gotten it if it would have included a physical copy of Bayo 1.

  • Possibly the only game I will buy in this Steam sale but for 9,99€ I got Falcom's Xanadu Next.

  • Despite my better judgment and thinking there's a high chance I'll regret it I bought Xenoblade Chronicles 2, that said I'll try to jump in with a positive mindset and see where it goes

  • @bard91 i think the story is good enough to make a play through worth it even with ur grips with the combat

  • Just ordered a second Switch Dock since their one sale.....and might possibly pick up Metal Gear Survive....maybe

  • Welp bought Survive, however due to cashier not watching a possible thef (Guy kept asking how much was in the register) I only payed $6 for it and a PS2 memory card transfer pack for the BC model PS3's

  • A pack of Pampers Size 4 for my child (which I forgot on the first run)! Gaming-wise: Gravity Rush 2, Rime on psn store.

  • Yet another weird japanese PAL release of the simple 2000 series for the PS2 for my collection, with a misleading title as you aren't a paparazzo, you are a professional photograph and the girls are photo models, what were they thinking with that title and cover?