What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • @musou-tensei said in What did you just Buy/Receive?:

    This is the last multiplat game I originally owned for my now sold XB1 I had to rebuy for PS4.

    Did you recoup more than what you spent? It seems like a little bit of a waste.

  • @sheria I didn't sell my XB1 to gain a profit, I pretty much sold it and the game he wanted as well for less than they were worth, I just wanted to bring my rl friend into current gen as he was still playing on 360 and couldn't afford a new XB1, and I didn't wanted to have one any longer as I saw no point in it with the cancellation of ScaleBound and nothing on the horizon I care about so I asked him if he wants to buy mine and he said yes, I'm actually still getting some money from him as I agreed to payment by small monthly rates.
    Every game I re-purchased I payed less than I did originally, this one including (16€ incl shipping) which I bought day 1 for XB1 for full price. AFAIR I re-bought each game for less than 20€.

  • That's really kind of you :) I've got quite a few exclusives on mine, but i do feel it's a very weak link this gen. I hope your friend enjoys it.

  • @sheria More than I would (the last game I bought for it was ReCore, when it originally released, and in 2017 the only game I really played on it was Ori which i wanted to play through before I sold the console), unlike me he is into Halo (I used to but 5 was just bad) and CoD and not into japanese games at all.

  • @sheria Never a waste to get a copy of Devastation, that game's rad as hell and besides that it's desisted on PSN so physical is the only option now anyway.

  • Yet another game, but for 30€ (cheaper than any used copy I could find) I couldn't say no to this rather price stabil game (unlike what Mass Effect Abomination is) since the complete edition won't get a retail release for PS4 in the west. The backcover is in spanish hence the low price (came from a german/austrian online shop as a limited deal) but the disk is the same in all of europe.

  • German PSN (dunno about rest of europe) has a "Game for less than 10€" sale, and since I still had 4,08€ from my last time I put funds on my PSN and love me some Geometry Wars, I got Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Evolved for 3,99€.

    Also got Outcast 1.1 on GoG which is on sale for 1,29€ and I always wanted to try it out.

  • Ordered a C.C statue on Crunchyroll shop for the first time

  • Just received my copy of Radian Historia Perfect Chronology, with squashed box and everything included!!!

  • alt text

    Steel toe boots for my job. Has multiple safety features like electric and water resistant. But since they're insulated like my current composite boots. When the weather starts to warm up, I'll need a non-insulated boot so my feet aren't cooking in the summer heat.

  • One online store sold it for 45€.

    And because the same store had it for a good price as well and to complete my SAO collection on PS4 so far

  • Games
    Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
    Uncharted Collection
    Uncharted 4
    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
    Capcom Digital Collection

    The Accident Man
    Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

  • I caved in and bought the Xbox one x after seeing the Witcher 2 in 4k. I'm really liking what Microsoft are doing with backwards compatibility & game pass they've won me over.

  • Last part of my last amazon order arrived this week. Included was a external HDD 4TB, a 8bitdo SF30 Pro controller (for PC, Switch, Android and IOS) and the Squid Sisters amiibo(s) from Japan. Also brought Xenoblade Chronicles 2 yesterday. Amiibos turned out to be in a great condition, so no faulty painting etc.
    The controller is a little small for my hands and the deadzone for the analog sticks are also a bit small so the controller is very responsive, but motion control on the switch works quite good. Sadly, I didn’t found a way to use motion control on pc. I wish it had some PS4 profile so it would work e.g. with Steam.

  • I realized I have some holes in my DS collection which I'd like to fill, the 1st game to do so is the 3rd Blue Dragon game, I have BD+ and of course the 360 original. DS games seem to go up in prices lately, so I feel better do that now than regretting not doing it later. (like Zombie Hunters 2 on PS2, ugh)

  • The most out of character thing I've ever bought, lol... A friend convinced me to sign up for this weird app called Robinhood, which I guess is a no fee stock brokerage, but the more I say, the more it sounds like I'm pushing some weird ponsi scheme, so I'll leave it at that, haha.

    Ready for Ni no Kuni 2 to come along and save me from another weird obsession like this.

  • One day early :D

    Also another DS game to complete the collection

    And finally book 3 of DBS in german, if this continues at that pace, I'm worried I won't live long enough to see the end, lol.

  • Just Bought this off a guy on Facebook today! (through paypal of course)

    getting it shipped over to me in a padded bag from the US :D

    0_1521902803220_xenoblade artbook.jpg

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  • a friend was getting rid of most of her collection today as it was cluttering her house too much. bought both of these off her today.
    just need Pandora's tower now and i'll have the full operation rainfall trilogy.

    0_1522643832239_the last story.jpg