What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • Oh baby! It's been far too long, my dear dear Taiko! And not that I need it, but an English patch is coming for it sometime in August if anyone else was interested in importing it.

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  • I'm super curious about Taiko and kinda wanna get the Switch one but I think I heard it just uses motion controls instead of a proper drumpad, is that true?

  • Just got a pre-owned white "fat" PS Vita. It's in super good condition, barely any scratches and such. Now i'm one Nintendo Switch away from completing my handheld collection lol.

  • I picked up Code of Princess EX. An old-school style hack n slash that is still fun and has a significant amount of changes compared to the 3DS and steam release.

  • bought the comic Hush and The Lord of The Rings book

  • Just bought Uncharted Golden Abyss, Hotline Miami and Jet Set Radio on the Vita.

    While browsing the store i'm reminded how bad the PSN Asia store is in terms of indie games library compared to Region 1 and 2, lots of games i'm looking forward to play aren't available here which is a bummer. Always hate these kind of problems, region dividing sucks ass.

    EDIT: Shovel Knight is not on the store. What. The. Hell. I'm so pissed right now.

  • Got a 32gb Vita memory card, my god these things are overpriced.

  • @bam541
    Probably one of the most important factors in the system's rock life cycle.

  • Got this for free from a promo at a local phone store. It's actually pretty decent, the bass feels a bit stronger than expected but the overall sound is a bit too crowded for my tastes. It sounds clear enough too. I'm just happy that i got on-ear headset at last.


  • New bike! So much faster and lighter than my old, crappy used one. 130 at Wallmart. 28 inch wheels.

    alt text

    I don't know why I've always had mountain bikes up to now. I don't ride off-road.

  • Shadowrun English PAL version

    Took me a long time to find this one.


  • Just bought ourselves an Instant Pot!

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  • Of course, it arrived last Friday but I bought a Playstation 4 Professional and it came in amazing red! Having never owned a PS4 I spent the evening creating a new account and reactivating my now ancient PS3 account. Also a certain username was already taken. Damn You!!! stupid person who seems to like squids with a military rank. The position of the Spidey logo makes it hard to put the PS4 in a more presentable position and I fear I have to buy a vertical stand for that. After reading some comments I am happy to have one of the quite ones or so it seems.

  • Since my PlayStation 4 was delivered a view minutes or so too late after preordering it, Amazon gifted me a 10€ gift card. It took me a while to find a game that was even eligible for that so I ended up buying 4 games instead, that is Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 & 2.5 Remix, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker´s Memory. Each around 25€ at the end… Well none of them have the latest graphics but at least Kingdom Hearth is Pro enabled…

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  • Ordered an Analogue Super NT, which should hopefully be waiting for me when I get back from vacation in a month. They are certainly not cheap - particularly in Canadian dollars - but I'm stoked to have a Super Nintendo I can play on my TV with no lag or screen tearing. Thoughts to follow in a separate topic once I have played with it a bit.

  • Just pre-ordered this from First 4 Figures. Will look fantastic next to my Crash Bandicoot figure. :D

    Youtube Video

  • Just ordered 2 imports that I'm sick of waiting for news on, lol.

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