What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • My brother, apropos of nothing yesterday, gave me his copy of Kingdom Hearts 3. I asked him why he didn't want it and if something was wrong with the game but all he'd say about it was "It's okay." I don't think I've ever seen a stronger case of damning by faint praise, but I'll probably play it eventually. Considering I've only ever played one of the games to completion and bits and pieces of another I've got a lot of homework before I even touch 3.

  • Just ordered a 2TB SSD for my PS4, might order a 1tb for my PS3 later on

  • Pre-ordered Alien in 4K. Coming out late April. Walmart.com had it for only 14 dollars.

  • Got this tiny fella.

  • Now I finally got Shining Force CD


  • alt text

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    Liked it the first time, but didn't find it great. I expect it will be better the second time. Can't believe it's already been ten years since I read it.

  • Went on a trip to Singapore, and i didn't even plan to pick this one up, but that time it's right in front of me, and I have the right amount of cash on me so I just caved in. Don't think I have the time to fully sink my teeth on it, but it will at least sit beautifully on my shelf.


  • AA Batteries for my Xbox One for Windows Controller. I can’t believe I have to do this in 2019. I bought the controller in November and the batteries are completely dead by April. By contrast, I have had the same batteries in my receiver remote since 2012.

  • @bam541 Oh dude I live in Singapore we could have met up!

  • @axel for real? Oh man, i missed out.

  • Thanks to V. I ordered set of William Blake's poems from Books a Million. They should arrive on Wednesday.

  • Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for the PS1 in CEX. and I picked up Halloween Remake from the local Paki shop for £8.00

  • More movies. Little Mermaid and E.T. were used. Perfect like new quality. I love how people just sell their movies after redeeming the codes.

    alt text

    Shoah is a foreign ten hour documentary about the holocaust. Haven't seen it.

  • Trek Dual Sport 3

    This is what you call a hybrid bicycle. This might be news to you because until recently, this was news to me. I grew up riding a Gary Fischer mountain bike in the woods all day every day as a kid. Since outgrowing that bike, I've been living in a major city for 5 going on 6 years and have never quite enjoyed road biking nor the shape and feel of a road bike.

    This hybrid style bike is great because it has a flat handle bar, front suspension with a lockout for road riding, as well as a thicker tire and thicker frame for when I occasionally visit home and ride off road trails. It isn't as sturdy as a MTB but its pretty darn sturdy. First bike I've bought since maybe 2006.


  • I spent too much on Sat.

    4 new tires for car/install
    Vizio P-Series Quantum 65" 4k HDR tv (at $600 off current MSRP + 4yr warranty)
    PS4 Pro
    Pioneer VSX-832 4k HDR ready receiver
    Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra BR player
    UHD Blu Rays of Mad Max Fury Road/Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse/The Fifth Element/Bladerunner 2049

  • Finally succumbed and bought one of those expensive 4K HDR cables, after my UHD player's picture started cutting out in 4K, which fixed the problem. I'm so glad it's not the receiver after all.

  • As my pursuit for additions to my games collection slows down, I've decided to take my first steps into emulation since my time with the likes of Bleem and Snes9x back in the mid nineties.

    While it's showing its age now, I grabbed an Nvidia Shield today and I've started to download a few games and emulators for it. I'll always prefer my original hardware and controllers, but building the ultimate retro station excites me as a project.

    I'll never download a ROM or ISO unless I own the original and I refuse to use emulators that need the original systems bios. It took some time to get a working local network in order to transfer files, but I've had a few N64 games running now.

    I first had issues with the expanded storage. I have two 128gb jump drives, but even after formatting both, the shield didn't like them. Eventually one was recognized, but even then, formatting them as expanded storage using the Shield, it never showed up.
    I eventually got it working using an old 1TB external drive I bought a while back.

    As for file transfer, what a headache. It took a good hour to access the Shield, but it also took an alteration and addition to the registery in order to finally log into the device.

  • @tokyoslim

    How do you feel about that Vizio P-series so far? Back in 2015 I got a budget 43" Vizio M-series which is 4K with no bells and whistles. I'm very happy with it and think when PS5 comes around, I'd like to stick to Vizio for the HQ product yet budget pricing (compared to Sony/Samsung, etc). How's that picture treating you?

  • @dipset So far so good.

    It replaced an old Vizio XVS from 2011. Mostly this tv is competing with the Samsung QLED and LG OLED market, so it's definitely not a budget tv. I have no complaints, other than maybe the remote feels a little basic/cheap and the cable management on the back is basically nonexistant.

    My last tv was also full-array dimming, but it didn't have 200 zones, so this is a pretty good step up. Also, this new tv is a 65, which honestly - is probably too big for my living room. I will somehow survive tho. Haven't really been able to calibrate color or anything, HDR looks ok, but haven't noticed anything amazing yet. Watched the 4KHDR Blu Ray of Into the Spiderverse the other day and it looked great.