What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • King of Fighter 14. I finally found a good deal on it and am stoked to finally give it a go. I don't know why I buy all these fighting games though because I am trash at ALL of them.

  • Got Observation last night, so far another great surprise just after finishing A Plague Tale.

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    My Tim Burton-inspired animated series just got some company. Haven't watched these movies since I was a child.

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  • Oh shit the Tim Burton Batman movies got a 4K release?

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    Came out this week. I think they look and sound great. Just don't watch any YouTube comparisons. People don't know how to calibrate their TVs. There are some complaints about the sounds being redone, but I haven't seen these in so long that I don't even remember the original sound effects. My only complaint about the sound is the lows in Returns. I haven't had this subwoofer for long and am not used to tremors and low rumbles. I'm never gonna have my sub above medium.

    I liked rewatching these. I prefer the second one, for having a crazier, darker story and being more sexual and colorful. I feel like Tim Burton was allowed more artistic freedom after the original. The first one is fine, but I just didn't think much of the story and always found Joker being Thomas and Martha Wayne's killer lame. It seems so obvious that Hollywood WOULD do something cheap like that.

    By the way, Michael Keaton has a short jaw and is too short to play Batman. Very noticeable before I even looked up his height.

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    I'm building a HTPC. It's gonna be just for movies, TV shows, browsing music and maybe some light gaming (simple/old games). I don't like that my smart TV enables the height speakers on non-Atmos and non-DTS:X surround tracks. I had a 65 foot HDMI connection from my bedroom PC to my TV, but trying to toggle between three screens in Windows is way more complicated than it should be. I'm just sick of dealing with all this crap.

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  • @neocweeny The cover arts are so sick! Wow.

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    Got myself a cheap fighting stick. I saved the last hour of the Samurai Shodown demo until this came, and I glad I did. I haven't used a arcade fighting stick in ages so it will take me a while to be fully comfortable with this, but despite that it still made playing the game way more fun than using a gamepad. So far I don't mind the small size, I think it's kinda cute lol.

  • I didn't expect to ever see one of these again, let alone in full color!

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  • Got a newer model Walkman. Been 10+ years since I actually held a Walkman product in my own hands. Seeing that logo makes me kinda nostalgic, even if the product itself is very different from the cassette-holding one my father used to have. Using it solely for FLAC music burnt from CDs. Now I need to upgrade my wired earbuds.

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    More graphic novels. The whole Preacher series. Like the other physical graphic novels, I read this years ago on my computer.

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  • @ezekiel Oh! The TV show is fucking great. I thought you picked up the shitty M. Night Avatar flick.

  • @capnbobamous ya can't, upvote me

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    @capnbobamous said in What did you just Buy/Receive?:

    @spikewolf_26 huh?

    You asked him like three months ago how to downvote a comment. Just finished Avatar. That four part series finale was great. Better ending than I expected. Just kind of disappointed there's no closure on Azula.

    This week's purchases:

    alt text

    That Sandman book is huge!

  • @Ezekiel There are graphic novels that continue the story, and I'm pretty sure they are considered canon. That said, they're pretty bad so I don't recommend reading them.

  • @capnbobamous As far as I am concerned, the comics never happened. LoK I've come to hate over the years to the point I sold all of my DVDs. There were too many bad writing decisions, frustrating side characters, retcons, and just awful fan fic quality writing.

  • @brawlman I could never make it through the first season of LoK. It was just hard for me to get into it. Also, I truly wish I never read the novels. It throws character development out the window, and like you said, feels like fanfic.

  • @capnbobamous I tried really hard to give LoK a chance thinking it could better. Season 2 pissed me off for adding backstory/origin of the Avatar that was not needed and ruined the mystery. The romance got in the fucking way for 2 and a half seasons straight. Korra and Mako were unlikable in those 2 seasons. And the ending more or less turned in to dbz for that season. Having implied Aang played favorites with his children made it really out of character and I pretends that never happened. S3 made some things better, but other things worse. S4 is where I more or less gave up. I hate Suyin Beifong (Lin's younger sister), I hate how they developed Toph into an old crone who ran away from her problems tries to blame it on her own children (who she also played favorites with) or parents, and fuck the Spirits. They don't deserve life or any good fortune. The romantic pairing with Asami and Korra was an ass pull too, was done more as a stunt to score LGBT points than meaningful development. Nothing against those that are gay, but that was a total ass pull.

    Now as far as recent buys: I got Alita on Blu-ray and I bought a collection of William Blake poems.