What did you just Buy/Receive?

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    @spikewolf_26 huh?

    You asked him like three months ago how to downvote a comment. Just finished Avatar. That four part series finale was great. Better ending than I expected. Just kind of disappointed there's no closure on Azula.

    This week's purchases:

    alt text

    That Sandman book is huge!

  • @Ezekiel There are graphic novels that continue the story, and I'm pretty sure they are considered canon. That said, they're pretty bad so I don't recommend reading them.

  • @capnbobamous As far as I am concerned, the comics never happened. LoK I've come to hate over the years to the point I sold all of my DVDs. There were too many bad writing decisions, frustrating side characters, retcons, and just awful fan fic quality writing.

  • @brawlman I could never make it through the first season of LoK. It was just hard for me to get into it. Also, I truly wish I never read the novels. It throws character development out the window, and like you said, feels like fanfic.

  • @capnbobamous I tried really hard to give LoK a chance thinking it could better. Season 2 pissed me off for adding backstory/origin of the Avatar that was not needed and ruined the mystery. The romance got in the fucking way for 2 and a half seasons straight. Korra and Mako were unlikable in those 2 seasons. And the ending more or less turned in to dbz for that season. Having implied Aang played favorites with his children made it really out of character and I pretends that never happened. S3 made some things better, but other things worse. S4 is where I more or less gave up. I hate Suyin Beifong (Lin's younger sister), I hate how they developed Toph into an old crone who ran away from her problems tries to blame it on her own children (who she also played favorites with) or parents, and fuck the Spirits. They don't deserve life or any good fortune. The romantic pairing with Asami and Korra was an ass pull too, was done more as a stunt to score LGBT points than meaningful development. Nothing against those that are gay, but that was a total ass pull.

    Now as far as recent buys: I got Alita on Blu-ray and I bought a collection of William Blake poems.

  • Just got Hell Boy 1&2 & animated movies on bluray. Also Game of Thrones S7 online Bluray,Also got Wolfenstien 1&2and old blood for ps4

  • I can't decide which version to watch first. Theatrical, Redux or Final.

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