What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • A bit geeky maybe, but I bought an n64 repair kit and a number of "broken n64's" in a lot. I've fixed a number of malfunctioning modern consoles, but I always felt drawn to fixing up older stuff as I find it more interesting.

    I've already fixed an old N64 I had by replacing a swollen capacitor. I'm keen to see it I can make a profit here =)

  • Some discs arrived today.

    alt text

    Seen Nikita twice, seen Halloween once on Blu-ray. Don't think I've ever seen any of the Connery Bond movies PROPERLY. Lady Snowblood because I remember finding the manga alright (read eight years ago) and wanted more 70s samurai stuff after recently finishing the Lone Wolf and Cub series.

  • @ezekiel Goldfinger is one of my faves.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in What did you just Buy/Receive?:

    @ezekiel Goldfinger is one of my faves.

    Looks like I won't be watching it for another week, because the first disc (Dr. No) is cracked. :(

    Edit: I know what I'm gonna watch tonight. Been waiting a month for this import, released in January.

    alt text

  • Well... I just spent a ton and bought my first ever full frame camera. There is a Nikon upgrade promo going on where Nikon will give you a free $400 CAD ($300 USD) on top of your cameras in-store value if you trade up to a D780.

    After about 4 years being into photography, I decided it’s time to go full frame. I’m immediately blown away by the high ISO performance. I can shoot in the dark @ 20000 ISO and barely even see much noise if any. Already has made my life so much simpler. I’ve become a Manual spaz because I’m always trying to reduce ISO to prevent noise or I’m always fiddling with the light meter. Not anymore! Now I’m just gonna focus on getting a good shot and let the camera do the rest of the work.

    It’s amazing but burned a damn whole in my bank account. The usual big purchase remorse that takes a day or two to settle in.

    Nikon D780

    Check out the camera and I recommend the upgrade program. It's literally free money for you to get a better camera: https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/d780-trade-up.page

  • I'm a film man. Shot a roll of Ektar on my last trip. :)

  • @oscillator

    I want to dive into film one day, but I have a desire to get into sports photography so I'm sticking with digital for now.

    My friend has a Fujica STX-1N and its made looking back at vacations and good times that much more comforting and nostalgic. I sometimes grab disposable cameras before a camping trip or anything like that, but one day I'll consider a film cam.

  • Getting closer to cosplaying Persona 3 MC... jk I can't cosplay good. Finding headphones like this is hard, gotta import it.
    0_1584943358819_Annotation 2020-03-23 140217.png

  • I don't have the game yet... But this came in way earlier than I expected.

  • Some region B imports. I love Masters of Cinema packaging. They use original poster art for most of their releases. The one on the left I got two months ago.

    alt text

    They also come with nice little booklets featuring production photos.