What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • Cleared out my entire savings on PC Parts/Desk/Chair/Audio gear/Monitor, plus some. And I'm still waiting on the NVIDIA 3080 or 3090 to drop.
    Probably a dumb-ass thing to do during quarantine when I don't have a job, but Tokyo needs a new PC and I don't tend to half-ass building them.

  • @tokyoslim

    You did the right thing...

    Curious, but how do you even plan a PC right now when the future of next gen is a bit unclear? Try to go spec for spec against the Series X / PS5?

  • I mean, aside from any proprietary memory architecture that PS5 may have, pretty much everything in my system is going to be much more powerful than either next gen console. Series X and PS5 aren't particularly powerful as far as "computers" go.

    Not trying to PC Master Race or anything, pretty hard to compare benchmarks and specs. Generally speaking tho, I should be able to play MS exclusives at higher resolution/framerate than I would if I were playing on the Series X unless the game is built specifically to not take advantage of the increased performance of the PC.

  • I mean, I only keep up with computers when I'm in the market for one, but I watched a recent Digital Foundry video about future proofing your new PC for next gen, and a lot of it was speculative like some of the next gen features aren't on the market yet so I assumed the next gen consoles were actually a bit further ahead in some regards.

    I'm sticking with what I have for a while now but I'd love a new 4K monitor. I just can't justify it.

  • Future proofing a computer is more or less always a fool's errand. Pretty much the only thing you can do is get a computer with an upgrade path and hope the manufacturers don't abandon it before it runs it's course.

    Intel changes it's CPU socket every other generation. AMD has shown a willingness to support sockets for much longer.
    When I built my last PC, ray tracing wasn't really a thing. Now we're about to have 2nd gen ray tracing cards.
    Last time I built a PC, the equivalent SSD storage that I'm putting in my rig would have cost well over $500+, and now it cost $150 and is faster.

    Hard to say what's going to happen a few years from now. I tend to keep computers around longer than most folks, so i basically just get one that's real fast. Then watch it as time erodes it's utility. :)

  • You're reminding me that I basically have to relearn computers every time I make a PC upgrade and hope I don't succumb to buyers remorse immediately after purchase. I'd like to get a new SSD as my old one is only 128GB and that cost me like $350 in 2016. I also wanna jump onto the Ray Tracing bandwagon, but that would require a better monitor to go along with it and next thing you know, account empty.

    Make sure to post Cyberpunk screenshots when the time comes.

  • Ray Tracing doesn't really have anything to do with your monitor. It's not like HDR where it requires a certain kind of display to show it.

    There will be photos of the new rig, benchmarks, and plenty of screenshots. Just waiting for some backordered parts. There's a motherboard shortage right now, apparently!

  • Oh sorry. What I mean is that my current PC can produce better visual results than my monitor allows for. It'd be a waste of money for me to upgrade without going all in. But the more I talk about it the more I imagine how good Cyberpunk will look...

    Back in 2011, I built my first PC so I could play The Witcher 2. CD Project should get a cut from hardware sales.

  • Cyberpunk gonna look.... real good.

  • Bought two GBA games that I currently have no way of playing, cuz why not. I'm planning to collect as much of these GBA/GBC/GB games before I get the upcoming Analogue Pocket.


  • @bam541 Did you see the announcement? Pre-orders live August 3! I REALLY want one but damn $300 US for the system and dock is so many dollars right now. Plus I have a baby due August 4 so may have to miss the pre-order window...or the birth of my child.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Yeah I saw it, I want it so bad! Honestly I'm more focused on saving enough money for a new TV and one of the next gen consoles right now so I'm kinda in the same boat as you. Btw, congrats on the baby!

  • Cyberpunk 2077 SE Xbox/PC controller and charging stand.
    alt text

  • I actually "bought" this in like Jan, but it just showed up in the mail today:

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  • Analogue Pocket and dock. So many dollars but pretty stoked for release...in May 2021.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I got bored and made 3 dumb T-Shirt designs, this one's in honor of Huber. Should have put a little more effort in this, but oh well, lol. I'm not sure whether the words in all caps would look good, so I took the safer choice.


  • @bam541 Thant's an awesome shirt!

  • I got all the DLC for FighterZ and Tekken 7 on sale on my birthday. I bought some cargo shorts with my bday money as well. And I used my Books a Million gift card to but Avatar - North and South Hardcover online.

  • I just got a new TV as a gift! Feeling very grateful for this, can't wait to play Ghost of Tsushima with this. I've been using a subpar TV that I also got as a gift for years now, so this is a huge jump for me.