What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • Future proofing a computer is more or less always a fool's errand. Pretty much the only thing you can do is get a computer with an upgrade path and hope the manufacturers don't abandon it before it runs it's course.

    Intel changes it's CPU socket every other generation. AMD has shown a willingness to support sockets for much longer.
    When I built my last PC, ray tracing wasn't really a thing. Now we're about to have 2nd gen ray tracing cards.
    Last time I built a PC, the equivalent SSD storage that I'm putting in my rig would have cost well over $500+, and now it cost $150 and is faster.

    Hard to say what's going to happen a few years from now. I tend to keep computers around longer than most folks, so i basically just get one that's real fast. Then watch it as time erodes it's utility. :)

  • You're reminding me that I basically have to relearn computers every time I make a PC upgrade and hope I don't succumb to buyers remorse immediately after purchase. I'd like to get a new SSD as my old one is only 128GB and that cost me like $350 in 2016. I also wanna jump onto the Ray Tracing bandwagon, but that would require a better monitor to go along with it and next thing you know, account empty.

    Make sure to post Cyberpunk screenshots when the time comes.

  • Ray Tracing doesn't really have anything to do with your monitor. It's not like HDR where it requires a certain kind of display to show it.

    There will be photos of the new rig, benchmarks, and plenty of screenshots. Just waiting for some backordered parts. There's a motherboard shortage right now, apparently!

  • Oh sorry. What I mean is that my current PC can produce better visual results than my monitor allows for. It'd be a waste of money for me to upgrade without going all in. But the more I talk about it the more I imagine how good Cyberpunk will look...

    Back in 2011, I built my first PC so I could play The Witcher 2. CD Project should get a cut from hardware sales.

  • Cyberpunk gonna look.... real good.

  • Bought two GBA games that I currently have no way of playing, cuz why not. I'm planning to collect as much of these GBA/GBC/GB games before I get the upcoming Analogue Pocket.


  • @bam541 Did you see the announcement? Pre-orders live August 3! I REALLY want one but damn $300 US for the system and dock is so many dollars right now. Plus I have a baby due August 4 so may have to miss the pre-order window...or the birth of my child.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Yeah I saw it, I want it so bad! Honestly I'm more focused on saving enough money for a new TV and one of the next gen consoles right now so I'm kinda in the same boat as you. Btw, congrats on the baby!

  • Cyberpunk 2077 SE Xbox/PC controller and charging stand.
    alt text

  • I actually "bought" this in like Jan, but it just showed up in the mail today:

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Analogue Pocket and dock. So many dollars but pretty stoked for release...in May 2021.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I got bored and made 3 dumb T-Shirt designs, this one's in honor of Huber. Should have put a little more effort in this, but oh well, lol. I'm not sure whether the words in all caps would look good, so I took the safer choice.


  • @bam541 Thant's an awesome shirt!

  • I got all the DLC for FighterZ and Tekken 7 on sale on my birthday. I bought some cargo shorts with my bday money as well. And I used my Books a Million gift card to but Avatar - North and South Hardcover online.

  • I just got a new TV as a gift! Feeling very grateful for this, can't wait to play Ghost of Tsushima with this. I've been using a subpar TV that I also got as a gift for years now, so this is a huge jump for me.


  • Fellow Canadian Allies, Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition is $29.99 at Walmart in store only as it's clearance. This version includes the season pass and some.other dlc. I am currently installing and stoked to finally give this game a go.

  • 0_1599082902129_download.jpg

    Got myself some new reading material.

  • my Mario Riding Yoshi definitive edition First 4 Figures statue arrived in a the post just recently.
    love the statue and it's so appropriate given that it's Super Mario Bros 35th anniversary
    Youtube Video

  • In preparation for Polymega coming out next month, I've been getting more PS1 games on Ebay. I found this game complete in box, hardly touched. I couldn't find hardly any information on it outside the intro cutscene, so I have no idea what it is, which of course added to its mystique in my head.

    Its called Monster Complete World, which made it difficult to research given there are so many Monster Hunter World videos out now.