What did you just Buy/Receive?

  • Just picked up the Season Pass for Batman Arkham Knight, it's currently on sale for 5€. I've been wanting an excuse to dive back into the game so this will be perfect, might even motivate me to get all the Riddler trophies and unlock the true ending.

  • Got complementary items for my GOTYs. This might be the fastest international shipment I ever got recently, last time I ordered something I had to wait 3 months.


  • @axel

    You did good. Even though DLC stories are short, they are still fun; especially Batgirl's and Season of Infamy missions. Also, challange maps are really fun even though I hate how none other than Batman can disarm baton sticks, weapons and shields so after a while you stuck.


    I'm getting ready for the new gen with slow but steady pace and planning to get a new hardware every month until the end of summer while still playing the game I have on my backlog.


    Where did you get the Part II artbook? Amazon?

  • @scotty yeah, it's from Amazon

  • used a JB Hifi voucher to get myself a discounted $120 worth of Nintendo eshop credit at jbhifi.

    proceeded to buy DOOM 2016 & DOOM eternal off the eshop. while i was there Hades and Cuphead were also on special because of boxing day so i picked up those from the eshop as well

    also just picked up 6 months of xbox gamepass ultimate for 30% off from EB. not too shabby.

  • I'd had this on my Amazon wishlist for a really long time but it was hard to pull the trigger on and impulse buy. So for Christmas, my girlfriend surprised me with a little Futaba to root for me at my desk while I'm working on stuff (with my Catherine sheep and Kapp'n)



  • Plane tickets to Tokyo

  • Both Zelda Oracle games on 3DS eshop. Tried to go back to Phantom Hourglass after a long layoff and have no clue what to do. Think I will play these then restart PH eventually.

  • I bought 9 different games in these sales season from Epic and Steam! I should stop doing it again until the summer sales and focus on to finishing these games first.

  • After fiddling with Dreams and Korg Gadget, I want to get a bit more serious in music production, so I got this MIDI controller (Akai MPK Mini MK3).


  • My Employer's CEO just gave me and all the other employees a gift voucher for value of 100 Euros or $175 Australian to reward us all for hard work we put in as Essential workers during 2020

    going to help pay off some preorders like Mario 3D world + Bowsers Fury and Monster Hunter Rise with this. :)

  • I had this dumb shirt idea for a while, and only got around to getting it printed just now. Don't mind the stains...


  • Snatched an English PAl version of Soul Blazer


    My PAL quintet collection is now finally complete :)


  • @neocweeny damn, the box art is pretty sick.

  • @bam541

    YES! You’re about the play the best bad game ever.

    Make sure to unlock all the swear words. Also better with co-op if you have a friend who owns this too.

    I’m playing RE5 with a friend right now and I’m pretty shocked by how similar it is to Blood on the Sand.

  • Just pre-ordered the exclusive version of this and put it on a payment plan
    Youtube Video

    also just pre-ordered best waifu
    0_1615036326693_melia figure.jpg

  • My PS5 Digital Edition arrived in the post today unexpectedly. Now I'm downloading PS4 and PS5 games like a maniac. I am currently trying out Destruction All-Stars and it's pretty cool so far. I had plans laid out to receive the PS5 tomorrow so the fact it had arrived today has thrown me through a loop.

  • In the mood for street racing. It's not in pristine condition but it's cheap as heck.

    Update: the disc's not working, lol. I think I'm gonna play some other racing game instead, maybe replay Motorstorm or something. Gotta dig up my old PS3 discs.

  • @bam541

    Where do you buy old games online these days? I’d support my local business but they don’t do online orders.

    I kinda have a craving to play Resistance 2 which I lost in a house flood among other PS3 games I used to own. Might try to find NHL 09 too.