Colin Moriarty has left Kinda Funny

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    I certainly agree about the comment on internet culture. I belong to a few sub-cultures, if you will, and have even considered work within some. Fans are mental though. Makes you want to avoid it in the end.

    But this thread isn't particularly malicious. It's in General and is quite fact-of-the-matter.

    Oh I know, I just feel like it gets brought up as much as it does just to try and stir up trouble, which concerned me a bit, since this place is a rather neutral ground. That's all I was getting across =)

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    @ZyloWolfBane I definitely agree. It makes me happy that EZA has avoided politics.

    Also, the argument among the community is that Greg's reply tweet made the situation infinitely worse than if they just ignored it.

    Yeah, I've seen the related discussions right after the tweet colin made and the one at PAX. And it just seems like everyone he used to work with at IGN and everyone at KF just threw him under the bus, and in such a way that it felt like they were "Above" this sort of thing and yet they knew this was the sort of person Colin was even before founding KF.

    Regardless to my indifference toward KF in the first place it just looks very backstabby, I get it though. It's a business, you can't appear like you support things that go against what your fans expect of you, that's how anything in entertainment works, that's why when famous athletes do stupid things they lose contracts and sponsorships.

    So...I mean I "get" it, but I still think it was really scummy how the whole thing was handled. Him leaving in the end was totally expected, even if they hadn't personally fired him just the lack of support he has from his friends and co-workers would've been enough to convince anyone to split.

  • It's sad, but I saw it coming. Colin's been growing past Kinda Funny with his appearances on Rubin Report and Glenn Beck's show, and it's no secret that his truest passion lies beyond gaming.

    I thought the controversy surrounding his joke tweet was completely overblown - especially considering it was, after all, a joke - and unfortunately served as the catalyst for his decision. Too much toxicity (from both sides of the fence) was surrounding him and his co-workers' work, so I think it was beneficial and smart for both sides.

    It'll definitely serve as a huge shake-up to Kinda Funny, as they'll have to re-organize shows and events to compensate, but they'll survive. I have no doubt they'll find a suitable addition to serve as the new member. Greg, Tim, Nick, Kevin, and Joey are all still there, being great people.

    It's important to note that while there were many-a-dispute, Colin's departure is on good terms. They're all great friends, and Colin still shares a home with Greg. It's saddening to see so many attempted character assassinations on Mr. Moriarty surrounding this controversy from many outlets like Polygon and IBT simply due to his political affiliations and misunderstood jokes.

    I hope Colin Moriarty finds success in whatever his next venture may be, and I hope that Kinda Funny lives on without him. To be perfectly honest, I think this split is better for both parties.

  • Yes, the poor white male libertarian has no support when making lame sexist jokes.

    It's the fault of both sides of the aisle — everyone really. Not that of the guy who said the hateful thing in the first place.

    If only we could be create a more positive community around sexist jokes. The costal elite internet is just too negative about oppressing half of humanity.


    The excuses in this thread are patently ridiculous. He made a crap joke catering to hateful social conservatives, Trump supporters, and mysogenists, and ousted himself from his YouTube outfit. However it happened, it's his own fault for having those views and choosing to share them in an overtly political and anti-feminist (i.e.: sexist) way.

  • @GoTaco Are you sure you don't have Colin and Greg mixed?
    Colin usually don't say a whole lot during a lot of topics whereas Greg never stops talking.

  • Collin is just appears too serious and self righteous and Greg has no idea of what a good video game is so I never take his advice video game related. He is a good host though i'd give him that.

  • @bard91 Greg still have a great knowledge about games, but I do agree to an extent. They're more than a gaming outlet though, I see them more as just an entertainment company really. Now without politics.

  • @Kutaro I've never seen a lot of entertainment from their part to be honest.

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    @GoTaco Are you sure you don't have Colin and Greg mixed?
    Colin usually don't say a whole lot during a lot of topics whereas Greg never stops talking.

    I think I do actually. However, I still find Colin had more calculated observations while Greg is more emotional and on the entertainment side of things. Just isn't for me. I don't have much more to add though. I did enjoy Podcast Beyond in the summer of 2014 at a student office job and I'm grateful for that.

  • "He ain't no kin to me..."

    But seriously, I hope that this wasn't solely due to the backlash he received. I don't agree with him on almost anything (including/especially his politics), but I don't like the idea of internet mobs uprooting his life. That doesn't seem fair to me.

  • I unsubscribed from Kinda Funny after their reactions to Zelda and the Nintendo Switch presentation.

    Tim was suppose to be their big Nintendo fan, and it was incredibly weird to see his reactions be almost purely negative while uploading videos of him at the Nintendo show floor "enjoying" all of the games.

  • @Stormcrownn you unsubscribed because you didn't get the reaction you wanted?

    That's the kind of stuff that leads to people being fake.

    Seems pretty fair to think the presentation was awful because it was and that vertical slices of games would be fun.

  • @tokeeffe9 I mean maybe, but KF over the last 6 months or so has appeared to me less and less genuine. The constant plugs throughout all their podcasts and videos, the topics of choice. Recording their podcasts out of order (for the 4-part series) rubs me the wrong way. Cutting up the audio and video parts of the podcast for two different tiers of patreon. I supported them for several months but after a 3-4 weeks straight of videos and content that I very boring I stopped. I check back every week or so to see if their content can pull back in, but it never does, aside from a few good interviews.

    EZA shit all over that presentation other than the few games where they were excited, and I enjoyed their reactions.

  • @Stormcrownn

    I share the exact same sentiment.

  • @Stormcrownn That seems totally reasonable. It was just the initial comment that threw me off.

    For me the only thing I ever really consistently listen to is PS I Love you. I find the Gamescast to be very hit or miss.

  • Seeing tweets of him in my timeline (I don't follow him, yet, but some people I do follow retweet it), I don't really know why he ever bothered with Greg Miller, he seems like a swell guy, I will watch him carefully like I did with Ian Miles Cheong.

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