Nintendo Switch sells 1.5 million units in it's first week


    so it looks like the Switch is off to a pretty good start selling 3 quarters of it's intial 2 million shipment in the first week alone.

    now the question is whether they can keep up this momentum

  • Is that good or bad?

  • @MSBi Nintendo did an intitial shipment of 2 million units and only expected to sell 2 million units in March alone for the entire month.

    so considering that they've sold 1.5million units in a week is pretty damn good

  • Well then that's a cause for celebration (no sarcasm intended). This might be the 2nd Nintendo console I purchase if things continue to look up for them. I am not sure if Vita sold more than Wii U. If that is the case switch has got a mountain to climb. The device has been marketed well. People are enjoying the functionality of the device. Word travels. I am not worried for the switch as I was with Wii U. The only thing Nintendo needs to push is 3rd party support.

  • That's good news for Nintendo, hopefully the software library will back that up

  • Considering the other 500,000 units probably aren't in stores yet, that's a fantastic figure.

    The real hope is that because all of us hardcore fans are grabbing our Switches early, it'll be easy for families to grab one later in the year leading to really high sales.

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    @MSBi its good, but not great. The PS4 sold a million units in it's first day, by comparison

    All the sales in the world mean nothing without a good software library to back it up. Hopefully Nintendo will kick shit in to high gear with the Switch. I really don't want a repeat of the last two generations.

  • I really hope this system is a phenominal success for Nintendo. It would be nice for them to officially unify their two markets so that their development teams aren't split and consumers don't have to spend money on two gaming machines to play Nintendo games each generation.

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    @Kaminski My only hope is that they don't forget about their core like they have been doing for the past decade.


  • @El-Shmiablo but in another comparison it took the wii u 6 weeks to sell just short of 900,000 units so its better than that

  • I think the real victory here is that unlike the 7th generation (and to a lesser extent, the 8th gen), there are 500'000 people still able to buy a Nintendo Switch if they want to without having to wait a decade for the factories.

  • Here's hoping the Switch 2.0 model will be a vast improvement. As then maybe I'll start playing Nintendo games again.

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    So they passed the Wii U with their 12 consoles sold in the first week!

    Joke aside, that is really cool news and shows that the market is there for it! Wouldnt surpise me if we start to see these hybrid hand held from the other companies as well, or at least similar solutions

  • @El-Shmiablo said in Nintendo Switch sells 1.5 million units in it's first week:

    My only hope is that they don't forget about their core like they have been doing for the past decade.

    Time will tell, but at the very least, I'm encouraged by a few things:

    • A lot of the marketing has been geared towards people other than just children/families.
    • The new Zelda is HARD at times, and has pushed the series forward in several smart ways that greatly altered the more comfortable format.
    • The new Mario seems geared more towards their core audience and classic 3D design, eschewing the linear stage-based design that hit big with the more casual audiences.
    • They are elevating Fire Emblem as a major franchise, which was definitely not known as a series for casual play (at least until the 3DS entries).

    They do have a long ways to go, but I really hope they step things up this time around. And thank you for showing love to Custom Robo. That would be a perfect Switch title for local multiplayer.

  • @Billy I agree with all of these, and while these are good points to a segment of gamers, I worry that it won't be enough to reach a significant market, that would make third parties want to invest in the Switch, which I'm afraid may lead to a similar problem to the one of the Wii U, hopefully not as bad though.

  • another thing that may also lead to sales is most indy games are getting physical release on Switch. For the audience of Indy games that makes a big difference

    Also myNintendo missions on switch start the 1st of May Which may be their achievement system?

  • @bard91 You're absolutely right. My sensibilities don't necessarily line up with the majority of folks. I am fairly confident in Nintendo's first-party offerings, especially if their teams converge on a single platform. But third-party support is absolutely vital to fill the gaps in their release schedule and maintain momentum.

    As for what third-party support actually means, there's a few different avenues: Indie games, which Nintendo seems to be making good strides to support thus far; third-party cross-platform titles, which may be difficult to leverage due to its hardware specs; and third-party exclusives, which may or may not crop up now that support for the 3DS is rapidly dwindling. If series like Monster Hunter migrated to the Switch, it would be a huge boon for Nintendo. I know they announced a giant partnership list, but we'll likely have to wait til E3 to see how that all pans out.

  • @Billy
    With Nintendo only focusing on Switch (With Fire Emblem being the only on so far other the Zelda to get a duel release) I do imagine that the Switch should have a much more steady release schedule.

  • The Wii U sold good at first, Switch need to keep it up past holidays 2017

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