Anybody have any cool list suggestions for me?

  • Hello there! Parasitepaladin here, your resident list maker!
    First, let me show off my two previous (and still in progress lists):

    EasyAllies non-EZA media list
    Username explanation list

    For my lists, I want to edit the first post and expand it as time goes on. I was thinking of something like favorite color, genre, or pokemon. What do you think? Any better ideas? Obviously there would have to be some limits to make the list work decently, like video game genres defined by IGN or metacritic or something.

    So do you any ideas for lists you'd like to see or would be interesting?

  • Honestly, and I don't mean to be rude to your list making abilities, but I don't find "Top Ten favourite Pokemon" to be a compelling thread subject. These kind of threads lack discussion because people just post their list and move on. I'd like to see more threads with depth and discussions. Maybe if you formulate your threads in a way that it promotes discussion, it would be better.

    That being said, it was nice to see those EZA media threads as they are informative.

  • @Whoaness It's all good. I get where you are coming from. No worries, I don't plan on spamming the board with terrible lists. Well, I'm sure they will pop up, but still. That is why I asked this question.
    Discussions are cool, but I enjoy seeing overall rankings as well. I think it would be interesting (maybe) of who the most popular pokemon on the site is. Rankings and information gathering may not promote a ton of discussion, but when the list is built and finished (or at least large like the username list) it is interesting in its own right, and cool to look through.
    Again, this is why I asked the question. Obviously I'm not going to waste time asking favorite colors, I'm going after cool ideas!...just need to find them first.

  • I personally like lists, providing they aren't too random. I know they don't promote discussion, but I still love to read them all the same, I honestly think they help build a community on forums such as these.

    Things like favourite colour and what not don't interest me, I prefer them to be at least game related. My personal favourites are to see what people are buying or currently playing; I usually like to periodically ask people what their top 10 games from the current year are, I know that's usually left until the end of the year, but I actually like to see them throughout as mine is consistently changing as I pick up new stuff.