Dream Switch titles

  • I'm not sure if there's already a thread for this, mods shut me down if there is!

    Anyway, I still don't have a Switch, but I hope to get one before the end of the year. The positive response thus far has made me really optimistic to what Nintendo can do this gen, and I've been dreaming big. I've been thinking a lot about what I think Nintendo can do, especially if they end up unifying their 3DS/WiiU developers. After the 3DS KYB, I realized I want the Bravely Default team to do a full HD remake of Final Fantasy 5, with beautifully rendered 3D models that stays true to Yoshitaka Amano's original art style. I feel like they could really do that job system justice, and I also just really love the music and old-school style story of that game.

    I obviously also want remakes of FF6 and Chrono Trigger, but I'm not sure who I would want to handle them. I know I would want Chrono Trigger done in the Ni No Kuni 2 Engine, with 3D battles that still use an ATB turn based battle system. The main tweak would be the ability to move around the battle arenas, so that if your character does an attack that involves proximity it feels less random. I think it would also add a cool layer of strategy to the fights, since taking too long to line up your shots means the enemies can just go to town on you.

    So I guess my question to you guys is given what we know thus far and what you feel the system can do, what are some of your dream Switch titles?

  • I want side scrolling beat 'em ups, lots of side scrolling beat 'em ups. The sideways joycon tabletop mode is just perfectly suited for it. Bring them back.

  • I hadn't even considered it until @El-Shmiablo mentioned it, but Custom Robo would fit perfectly on the Switch. We are long overdue for an entry, and the ability to run a quick impromptu multiplayer match makes this an ideal Switch title. I just want to zip around in a Strike-Vanisher again.

  • Banned

    @Billy I KNOW RIGHT?
    When the Wii came out, I thought THAT control scheme would have worked perfectly. Then Nintendo politely ignored Custom Robo, amongst other properties, for that entire gen.
    When the WiiU came, out I thought that control scheme would have worked EVEN PERFECTLY-ER, but then it was ignored again.

    If we don't get a new Custom Robo this gen, Nintendo can fuck off into the sun.

    I'd straight up buy a Switch just for that shit.

  • Advance. Fucking. Wars.

  • A Diablo style hack and slash game would be a great fit for the Switch for both at home and on the go play. Also if they designed it with the joycons in mind you could make it a great co-op game.

  • I want the samething I hope for with every new Nintendo system. I just want my life long dream of Pokémon Snap 2 to become reality.

    Common Nintendo, you're doing great so far, just keep it rolling and give the grown up children of the 90's what they really want.

  • @butterxcup This might be blasphemy, but I think I'd want that to have a mobile tie in, where you're taking AR photos of pokemon in the wild (a la Pokemon Go, just more specifically with a photography focus). As long as it's free I think it would be a neat little diversion.

  • Custom Robo
    Switch Wars (AKA Advance Wars)
    A new F-Zero
    A F-Zero spinoff title in the same vein as Yakuza
    Smash Bros spin off either as a Warriors game, or a Platnium style action adventure game.
    Cowboy Bebop game........that actually makes it to the west.
    Ocarina of Time 3D/ Majoras Mask 3D/ Wind Waker HD/ Twilight Princess HD ports
    A new Megaman
    Capcom vs Nintendo
    Something by Yoko Taro

    thats just off the top of my head, and theres some Wii U games id love to see get ported over, although I half expect them to be announced at E3

  • I think it's obvious that the Switch is the single best piece of hardware ever made for an Animal Crossing game. The best of both the handheld and home console entries in the series. As much as I love the Switch's quick and minimalist UI (I it's my favorite UI on any system), I had dreamed of an Animal Crossing game being the UI for the Switch, where your character is your avatar for the system and achievements for each game gets you items from that game for your house. Nevertheless, a great HD Animal Crossing that lets you take your town with you to a friend's house would be awesome.

  • All I want is a BRAND NEW (Built from the ground up) 2-D Metroid.

  • How has no one said Metroid Prime 4? Just on looks alone, an evolution of Corruption's art style could directly compete with PS4 games. The environments in that game are insane, and it's only an early Wii title.

  • The big one: a new Metroid game by Retro. I don't want Prime 4, I want an all new premise.
    So, uhhh, Metroid timeline spoilers?

    The dream is that it takes place after Fusion, and then use the whole "Samus is technically the last Metroid" angle to create some really unique and engaging gameplay scenarios. She has cannon Metroid characteristics now, which the team can really stretch to create some cool new abilities and scenarios aside from the usual equipment. And Fusion also set up the Federation as pseudo-bad guys in the sense that they are like Weyland Yutani and want to use aliens for weapons research, so maybe the Federation puts a price on Samus' head? Have her fight Federation marines and some enemy bounty hunters during the course of her campaign in addition to presumably rogue Space Pirates and local fauna. They have the ability to take the franchise in a super interesting direction, if only they would take it.

    Aside from that, I really want to see an Animal Crossing on Switch, since that series is BUILT for the machine. As somebody who used to love Pokemon growing up but doesn't play handhelds anymore, I would be so down for that rumored Sun and Moon port.

  • -A new Wario Ware game that makes good use of the Joycons
    -A new open world Pokemon Snap, based on the Breath of the Wild Engine

  • Golden Sun or some other RPG by Camelot, it's been far far too long

  • @thenerdtheword yea i think a gauntlet/diablo style game would be awesome on switch

  • @Galaxy40k You really nailed it man haha