Hideo Tube Ep 6 - Kojima Prod Office finished, Mads talks about meeting Kojima, Death Stranding

  • I've been popping in and out of this relatively informal video series Kojima has been doing. I am currently watching the newest episode which features Death Stranding star Mads Mikkelsen during a visit to Japan. Apparently, Kojima Productions has finished the creation of their office which means it's all uphill for Death Stranding at this point. Anybody who has worked in a creative industry knows that working from home isn't really possible until wheels are in motion and past the concept stage.

    Mads talks about Japan and meeting Kojima.

    Nothing Earth shattering here, just thought I'd share. I truly believe Kojima as a director goes far and above in developing relationships for his work/art. Almost like a documentarian builds trust with their subjects, I get that same vibe with Kojima and his team.

    Youtube Video

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    Yeah I remember watching this a while ago! It was quite interesting to see the mutual respect Kojima and Mads have for each other! We can hope the development goes on well for them!

  • I guess I forgot to disclaim that this is one month old now. But yes, I think the real takeaway is that the director and on-screen (in-game?) talent have a good relationship which will clearly make a better final performance.

  • Quick update: Mads Mikkelsen's official Twitter just retweeted an article about Mads' reaction to rumors that Emma Stone will also be in Death Stranding. It's not an official statement, but that rumor just became a lot more likely. Video games are so good, everybody.

  • Should I be giving Emma Stone another chance? I've never found her to be a particularly good actress but apparently EVERYBODY loves her.

  • @GoTaco My feeling is that she's been typecast into very particular roles for a lot of her career, but she's shown in the past that she has more to her than comedy. She's even slated to play the titular character of an upcoming film, Cruella. I'd be cautiously optimistic. This could be an opportunity for her to show a different part of her acting range, and that could either be awesome or underwhelming. Assuming that the rumor is real at all, that is.