The difference between EZA & "Cynical games media"

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  • @Hesperus That's the ultimate sad truth, really. Look at the quality content GT made the last few years, and how few clicks they actually got towards the end. It really shows how the crowd they actually made content for (the general public who consumed games journalism) didn't bother with their content anymore. The only way they were ever going to continue to do it was to go straight to their niche audience on Patreon. I imagine went to patreon for the same reason; quality content < fast easy gossip in terms of clicks.

  • EZA and Kinda Funny are easily my favorite go to media for games and podcast. I don't hate Giant Bomb but I don't really watch their content often. They just seem to tight sometimes which is ok but I would rather watch a bunch of friends enjoying video games and having fun.

  • I only bother with Kinda Funny and EZA. They're the only places where the members feel genuine and actually enjoy games and that's exactly what I want.

  • @Sora said in The difference between EZA & "Cynical games media":

    I only bother with Kinda Funny and EZA. They're the only places where the members feel genuine and actually enjoy games and that's exactly what I want.

    This is exactly, I mean they looked stoic while the big games were announced and Gamespot and Giant Bomb that is it was kind of sad to see.I'm not a fan of Shenmue but it got me excited because others have wanted that game forever.

  • As a lot have said, I just really enjoy the EZA crew's enthusiasm for games!
    Another thing is the general lack of politics or agendas in their stuff. A lot of places now feel the need to tell us what is right and wrong (I think Eurogamer and VG247 are particularly bad at this).

    Just some guys making content that they love.

  • @Farsendor Yeah, I appreciate that many people enjoy the giant bomb stuff etc. but it's just not for me.

  • I think the main difference is that not everyone grew up owning land.

  • @Budi said in The difference between EZA & "Cynical games media":

    And I really have nothing against Bosman, I love him just like any of the Allies. But it's just that he even acknowledged the Star Fox episode being mean, I appreciated that. I wasn't excepting an apology or him backtracking on his comments. But then next time he talked about Miyamoto he says his dream is to see Miyamoto retire :D It just rubs me the wrong way when people make comments like "he should stop making videogames!". Since there are people who will love those games, why take it away from them. And it's not like Miyamoto has been doing a bomb after bomb. Isn't he heavily involved with Pikmin for example? Star Fox even got a positive review from EZA.

    I don't think Bosman's wrong, really. I think he even expressed it this past few days when discussing Kojima's appearance at Sony's press conference, when he said something to the effect of, "You can see a guy here whose been in the game for 30 years and still pushing the boundaries and creating stories/experiences that captivate people." To me, that's kind of an indictment of Miyamoto, who hasn't been doing anything like that, and, is at best treading water while games push forward.

    Star Fox Zero imagination, no creativity, nothing. It had decent controls, I guess, but you expect more from "industry leaders" like Miyamoto. And like a previous poster said, people have been fired for less.

  • EasyAllies talks about games with the goal of enjoying them. Most other games media talks about games with the goal of being right. They strive to find some objective truth in the game and quantify it for people.

    Whether its Ian talking about puzzle games, Ben about Persona, Jones with Disney Infinity/Lego Dimensions, Brad talking about Bloodborne, Kyle with Nintendo, Damiani with Zelda, Blood with racing games, Don with Detective games or Huber being Huber, every single person at EasyAllies talks with passion, with their one goal being enjoying video games.

    With that passion you can get disappointment, like when Kyle has talked about Nintendo, or recently the Final Fantasy XV conversations. But thats why its so impactful to strive to enjoy these games so much. There's a chance of failure. Thats what makes EasyAllies attitude so enjoyable. They are pretty much Captain America saying "I can do this all day!".

    Its something to admire, and a mindset that I strive to match. Honestly, my life (and issues with depression) has improved so much since I've started watching these guys. It means a lot.

  • Yes, the main reason I love the Easy Allies crew is because of their positivity and how excited they can get for games. It had gotten pretty tiresome to see how jaded/cynical/etc players and journalists have become.

    I mean just compare last years E3, below is GT reacting to the FF7 remake announcement:
    Youtube Video – [04:53..]

    Now compare it to the guys over at Giant Bomb:
    Youtube Video – [1:18:54..]

    Here's GT's reaction to Shenmue 3:
    Youtube Video – [10:05..]

    Here's Giant Bomb's reaction to Shenmue 3:
    Youtube Video – [1:23:12..]

    Now I used to love Giant Bomb, but they have just gotten worse and worse over the years.

    Meanwhile the guys at GT (now Easy Allies) have pumped life and energy back into me. Their contagious positivity and excitment has really rubbed off on me and I've started to feel the same kind of excitement and joy about games I haven't felt since I was a teenager. It feels great and I can't thank the guys of Easy Allies enough for that!

  • @suplextrain You should do the same with Giantbomb vs EasyAllies this year. Especially the ubisoft conference and sony conference.

    Lets keep in mind though, lets not focus too much on bringing down other sites directly. It's not something I could ever see the guys doing, so while its very much so true, just be careful with how we word our criticism.

  • Totally agree its a breath of fresh air when listening to Easy Allies talk about games. I still listen to Giant Bomb and etc.. but always take their criticism of games with a grain of salt since it seems they are never happy with much these days.

    Cheers ready for night 2 of Easy Allies discussion!!

  • @Stormcrownn
    Oh I'm not bringing any site down, that 2015 E3 was simply a wakeup call for me. I realized how passionless I had become due to being exposed to so much negativity or lack of passion over the years from other people and the media.
    I remembered that years ago me, my brother and my buddies used to gather to watch E3 together. I remembered how excited we all got over all the announcements and how much we laughed, yelled out in joy and how much fun we had playing and discussing games.

    So I made the decision of trying to minimize my exposure to the things have sucked the passion out of me and right now I'm a much happier person. I even called my friends and my brother over for this E3 so we could watch it again live like old times and we all had a blast.

    If other people don't want to get excited about videogames that's fine, but I realized I just friggin love videogames and I want to surround myself with people that share that passion and joy.

  • I honestly feel that EZA are the only ones left on the internet where I can get good honest opinions that is deeply analytical and pure love for video games. I have always adored this about GT. There reviews and opinions have always been so accurate.

  • I love the passion, the enthusiasm, the attention to detail. Easy Allies feel like they're genuinely excited to chat with us, and as such it's a pleasure to be in their company.

  • @Stormcrownn The south park demo during the ubisoft conference really showed the difference between GB and EZA this year. It definitely affects how you feel about E3 or games in general depending on which streams/sites you follow. EZA made me feel so excited for all these games that's coming out.

  • @More_Salt That Resident Evil 7 reaction video is priceless. The reaction is so authentic and when I compare it to Kinda Funny and many other reaction they don't hold a candle against our allies

  • Last year, after watching the entire Sony conference with GT, it was so amazing to be there. Then I watched Giant Bomb's video, and they were completely livid at the big three announcement that I am no longer going to bother with them anymore.

    I'm going to use a strange analogy, but I hope you all will get it. It's like Spiderman vs Batman, in terms of popularity. Spiderman is, and will always be #1. Spiderman is just a young adult struggling with day to day life being borderline poor while being a superhero. Juxtapose that with Batman, a billionaire rich man. We, as humans, love what we can relate to. We're more emotionally attached to what we understand, so Spiderman really hits that spot for us.

    I was at PlayStation Experience theatre this year, and having people being excited with you really makes the moment special. EZA crew feels like our friends, being excited with what we're excited.

  • I'm going to end up parroting a lot of what's already been said but: I just love the enthusiasm the guys bring. It's such a refreshing attitude and it makes me happy + genuinely excited about gaming. All the anger and cynicism I see just wears on you and sometimes it makes you lose sight of why you love playing games in the first place.

    Also, their passion and love is contagious and I just FEEL better when I see them. I perk up and I find myself doing better work and being more cheerful in general. :smiley:

    TL;DR: EZA is :heart: