Great games with bad openings?

  • @dramaticslowmo yes Okami's opening is a rough one for sure, but as you say the rest of the game is a delight.

  • @Daeoc i agree and i hope persona 5 fixes that.

  • @Daeoc

    What specifically about TW1? Chapter 1 itself, like getting into Vizima? I thought Chapter 1 was the weak link but it did make getting into the city feel like a big accomplishment. Could have been shortened though.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda

    Not sure if its going to be a great game yet, but the opening isnt that engaging. ME2, now that was an opening for a game.

  • @GoTaco Yeah, it became good to me around the middle of Chapter 2, wasn't really feeling the story and running around back and forth. The battle system also became much more fun after leveling up. It took me three times to get through it. The release of Witcher 3 Blood & Wine made me push through, as I was waiting for Witcher 3 to be complete to start the series.

  • @Daeoc

    I've only seemed to find world choices from TW2 appearing in TW3 so far (only in the first Act I'd say) but I still love the fact I've played from TW1 to TW3 and it feels like a journey, so great call.

  • @FF7Cloud Even if they haven't, I've heard they've fixed my biggest issue which is the dungeons. They are no longer randomly generated.

  • @GoTaco Yeah, currently playing Witcher 3, not far but I've only noticed a choice from Witcher 2 so far. I'm now also playing through the Mass Effect series for the first time, about five hours into 1 and enjoying it more than the beginning of Witcher 1 so far.

  • @FF7Cloud said in Great games with bad openings?:


    I think OP mentioned KH2, I think KH1 is a fine opening, KH2 though is a terrible opening, but I wouldn't put it on this list because I don't think it's a good game, merely average and I only finished it because of my love for the first one

  • @Daeoc

    I'm in the outlier here, but I too started Mass Effect a few years ago and I couldn't get past Mass Effect 2. The worlds are so bland, the shooting is mundane, and the major story arch is the exact same as the first.

    However, I loved Mass Effect 1 so keep at it and don't let me bum you out. A lot of people consider the Mass Effect 1 opening to be a bad one but I LOVED sinking my teeth into the Citadel and absorbing the world.