Would you recommend Tekken 7 or FF XII Zodiac Age?

  • I got money for one and im under a very tight budget. I get one full priced game after few months. The thing is I get bored if I don't get a game on release so I don't pay to get the game again at a later time.

    Tekken or FF XII.

  • Yikes, two very different games. I never finished FFXII because I really didn't like the battle system, but it has a great soundtrack and a fun story. I'd check out some gameplay vids and see if it clicks with you. Have you played any other Tekken games?

  • Depends what you are into.

    FF XII - PS2 remaster which would give you long fantastical JRPG exprience with great characters, world and fighting system. Could also use PCSX2 Emulator to experience it on decent PC which would save you the money.

    Tekken 7 - Could be the last in the franchise and the greatest. If you like fighting games and wouldn't mind the learning curve for competitive matches.

    Take your pick.

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    Only played Tekken 3 and tag tournament 2 but once or twice with friends.

  • From what I've seen of the gameplay from the FFXII re-master it doesn't really look much better although it does add the Zodiac Job system. If you have access to a ps2 or fat ps3 you could pick the original for a couple of dollars.

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    I would say Tekken 7, but then again, I am a bit of a sucker for the series! the combos etc are really fun and I got some characters I'm really into! as long as the launch gets better than latest street fighter we should be good

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