Sonic Mania & Sonic Forces (PC/PS4/XB1/NSW)

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    Lots of new Mania and Forces footage for those interested.

    Youtube Video

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  • I wonder if we can make our created character look exactly like sonic? I have no interest in creating my own

    Also gonna skip the Sonic Mania boss video as I want to be surprised when it gets here

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    That last bad guy reveal was the most deviantart character I've ever seen.

  • Calling it now, final boss is Coldsteel vs Coldsteeler.

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    Some gameplay

    Youtube Video

    And what I believe is the boxart. Doubt it's that good of a fake.

    alt text

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    A good five minutes of Chemical Plant Zone from Polygon.

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    The Classic Sonic stage was a boss fight, starting off as very typical and straighforward [...] although the controls and weight of Sonic felt slightly off. On the whole though the boss was relatively boring to fight.

    Modern Sonic’s affair is precisely what you’d expect; a cookie-cutter modern Sonic-style course more akin to the ‘mach speed’ sections in the 2006 reboot.

    The Avatar’s stage, on the other hand, was even worse. Speed is put on the back burner but there’s no speed at all beyond a handful of CPU-controlled manoeuvres. Instead you have to use your weapon [...] and each activation of said weapon slows you down, meaning the core mechanic of the Avatars has nothing to do with speed.

    Unfortunately the Sonic Forces demo falls down flat in almost every regard [...] and the gameplay is bland and utterly predictable.

    If this truly is representative of the final game then we have serious reservations. Classic Sonic feels just about fine [...] Modern Sonic feels dry and boring, forcing you to take no time to appreciate anything. Finally the Avatar stage feels like an afterthought.

    Nothing feels like it has any focus or passion behind it.

    Sonic Forces, however is a fairly limp tread through Sonic old and new that introduces an all-new flavour likely to leave a lingering bad taste.

    It's like a Saturday morning cartoon, but one of those really crap ones your brain can no longer endure no matter how much damage you did it the night before [...] The action itself is remarkably clumsy, lacking the elegance and style the series was once known for and overcompensating with an abundance of noise.

    It has sections played by a customisable avatar that are clumsier still, in which you fire your way through hordes of robots in appropriated versions of a level you may well have just sped through as modern Sonic. It's almost like the Shadow the Hedgehog sequel you hoped would never, ever exist.

    Jumping to Forces from the exquisite looking Mania just goes to show how far removed Sonic Team's own classic Sonic is from the 16-bit ideal. There's something off about the physics and friction [...] and the encounter - a spin on Green Hill Zone's original Robotnik encounter - feels plain messy.

    None of it is truly disastrous - and it is, of course, only a small section of the final piece - but it most definitely is disappointing.

    Two recent previews for Sonic Forces are pretty negative, and it's very rare for previews to be, so I'd say that's not a good sign. Might want to keep expectations in check for that one.

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    Modern Sonic’s affair is precisely what you’d expect; a cookie-cutter modern Sonic-style course more akin to the ‘mach speed’ sections in the 2006 reboot.

    Referencing Sonic 2006 when the gameplay is exactly like Generations?

    Okay Nintendolife.

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  • The only Sonic game I ever liked was Generations, so if Sonic Forces isn't on that level, I don't care.

  • Sonic Mania's special stages got revealed last night. Gonna be kind of a mix of the UFOs in Sonic CD and Blue Sphere in Sonic 3K, done in low poly 3D.

    higher quality image

    It's beautiful, man. Also THAT MUSIC

    Youtube Video

  • Initial reviews for Sonic Mania seem to be very positive, with it currently sitting at an 86 on Metacritic. I'm personally stoked because I just happened to find out Oil Ocean is included - a zone I personally love but everyone else hates on for whatever reason. Strangely, that was the deciding factor for me and I'll be picking it up day one tomorrow.

  • I want to play Sonic Mania but I'm holding out for whenever I end up getting a Switch, since this seems perfect for that console.

    Glad to hear it's not terrible.

  • Apparently there is a "Knuckles & Knuckles" mode

  • I'm having a good time with it. Nothing life-changing of course, but it feels right. I liked the first "original" zone in concept and aesthetic, but ugh, so many bumpers everywhere.

  • I think Studiopolis is legitimately one of the best levels in a 2D Sonic game I've ever played. The second original stage has a breathtaking act 2 though I gotta say.

  • Ben's review

    Youtube Video

  • @tokeeffe9 "Game puts enemies in your way after a horizontal spring" paraphrased.

    First time I've been a little disappointed in a review, because it seems like a lack of understanding on Ben's part, or an attempt to find fault where there is none.

    Running upright leaves you the most vulnerable but it also allows you to run the fastest, meaning you get a better time bonus. You can also just as easily hold down on the D-pad and roll into the ball, this makes you less vulnerable at the sacrifice of some speed. You can also not "go fast" at all.

    I would perhaps understand if there was only one way to traverse or the game forced you to do it a certain way but it doesn't. It's a risk reward mechanic, which are present even in some of Ben's favourite series like Persona. I just don't understand why it's been labelled as a bad thing.

    Do people want Sonic to just be an auto-scroller where you hold right on the D-Pad and win, because I certainly don't.

  • @Hazz3r Yeah I was annoyed by that, it's always been an invalid complaint

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    It's pretty common sense to roll into a ball whenever you're going fast in the Genesis Sonic games.

    I guess people haven't played platformers in so long they've forgotten how they work.

    I've been watching YouTubers die over and over again on THE simplest shit. How they manage to be so incompetent I'll never know.