Does it Hold Up?

  • This isn't entirely the case, but FF7. I have no issues with the graphics, talking to ppl, the story. The music alone make the game enjoyable. But the one area that kind of prevents me from enjoying it is the battle system. It's slow and repetitive. Otherwise I have no issues jumping into it.

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    @CGamor7 from my experience it isnt

    No your wrong. Your experience is wrong! Your opinon is wrong and golden eye still has world class multiplayer. 😏

    I wasn't trying to invalidate your comment with my comment. But looking at it, kinda sounds like it. Not what I meant.

  • @CGamor7 Strangely, I have the opposite experience with FF7. I thought it was just okay back when I first played it, but playing the PS4 port a few years ago blew my mind. The 3x speed option helps with those slow battles too.

  • @SabotageTheTruth To be clear, I think FF7 holds up just fine. I was saying the only thing that i don't care for is the battle system and how its bogs things down (because ive played it so many times, and the random encounters happen a lot). Its still an amazing game! i don't want to misrepresent that masterpiece lol. Yeah Ive been meaning to get back into it on PS4 before the remake.Can you still earn trophies if you activate the options to speed things up or max out levels?

  • I'm playing FF7 for the first time right now... I know graphics shouldn't matter but I'm really not used to the pre-rendered backgrounds and it's legitimately difficult for me to determine what I can traverse on or interact with in the environment. Doesn't happen all the time, but I got stuck for a frustratingly long time just because I couldn't tell there was a passage leading to the next area. I do like the materia system so far, though, and I'm okay with the battle speed as is. Only 3 hours in, though, so opinions are likely to change.

  • With my enormous backlog, no game holds up :(

  • @naltmank Just to let you know there is a option to show arrows at all exits on the screen (I think its clicking L3 or R3 cant remember) shouldn't be too hard to find out. Hope that helps.

  • @naltmank

    FF VI remake is the answer

  • @FutureCorpse good to know, thanks! I'll look into it.

    Also @MSBi if ONLY it were an FFVI remake :D! Though that game holds up marvelously.

  • @naltmank

    I always say one can dream. We never imagined FF VII getting a remake and neither a Shenmue 3. Dreams are possible. Let me Dream yo!

  • Ocarina of Time
    Super Mario 64

  • @Alex840 Maybe the N64 Version of Ocarina of Time, the 3DS Version HOLDS UP.

  • @Killstriker Nah, I've played it several times in the past few years on 3DS and I can never get more than halfway through. It was impressive at the time, but now I just look at it like the most vanilla Zelda. Still better than TP and SS, but meh.

  • To be honest, there aren't many games I've felt this about. There may be odd systems taking a little longer to do certain tasks that occasionally bug me, but I'm struggling to think of an example where my enjoyment diminishes or I think a game couldn't hold up.

  • Frogger for PC. I don't know why I loved that game so much, I couldn't make it past the first level and usually just watched my mom play. But now I can see what a truly hideous looking game it is. And the exploratory elements were really weird for a game of it's nature.

  • Banned

    Sim City 4 has help up amazingly well.

    Best city sim.

  • @bard91 GoldenEye is THE answer. Game is dumpster juice. Takes a year to find your friends in the SP maps that get passed off as MP ones.

    Was fun with friends way back when but this game isn't good or worth playing.

  • Resistance Fall of Man was a blast to play in the years shortly following the PS3 launch. Custom matches with one shot kills and unlimited ammo kept me busy. Along with Warhawk. The campaign was also highly rememerable.

    But RFOM aged very fast well before the end of the last generation. With so much development focused on the FPS genre. The controls and movement speed of FOM, just didn't hold up to the games that came afterwards.

  • @-Jak-

    Besides controls, the difficulty and excellent split-screen campaign keeps RFoM highly rated in my book, but that online MP and SP got dated quickly.

    Warhawk is God-tier and will never age. Bring Warhawk back exactly like is was please Sony. That and SOCOM II HD please. (never gonna happen tho, RIP)

  • Speaking of Resistance, 2 doesn't hold up at all as the campaign isn't that great, especially as it's single-player only, and servers are shut down so you can't play it online anymore, which was somewhat fun. That Co-op mode in Resistance 2 was actually pretty great online. The first and third games are fun to play in split screen, though there are better games to play in co-op.